Nicki Minaj And Robin Thicke Shake It For Dave Letterman

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Dave Letterman invited Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj to “The Late Show” to perform “Shakin’ It For Daddy”. With all the sex scandals under his belt Dave seems happy to embrace Sex Therapy. Pop the hood to watch Robbie and Nicki bust some moves.

Nicki looked (dare we say it?) cute. We’re not too sure about Robbie’s dance moves… Is it just us, or does he look a little rhythmically challenged to you???

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  • I Am Legend

    booty and breast…will that get censored

  • Why oh Why?!

    This song does nothing for me.

  • d

    I thought the performance was good. The band was the best. Nicki looked cute.

  • Air It Out!!!

    The song is fire its just that NM is so over the top that when she raps she look and sound retarded

  • Pray ni%%a, Pray!

    Damn, I hate this chick!

  • Hmmm

    Lol, whenever Robin attempts to dance I always CRINGE.

  • Professor X

    man, she needs more topics. perhaps touring the world will open her perspective on life.

    she isnt untalented. just uninteresting.

  • Hmmm

    This was also the first time that I listened to that song all the way through……wack! And I’m a RT fan, why was this a single?

  • Miss All That!!

    They both look rhythmically challenged! “Up like a eagle thats balding” WTF this chick is having a seizure within her mouth!!

  • cruddy

    @muse, actually that is Kim Johnson singing background. Her sister Kandy is/was married to Rob Isley.

    I love Robin, but Nicki it is a shame when the white man makes your moves look stiff. Don’t try the Kelly Rowland roll girl. HA

  • sista2sista

    so RT is no JT, big deal. did you really expect CB moves? he tried, give him that. and he wanted to have fun w/it and it looks like he did. if that is the worse thing someone can say about him is that he cannot dance, he is ahead of 50% of us…

  • samech

    I used to like him, now that I saw him dance……..i don’t know. (ha ha). It seems like he was trryin’ to hard. I wonder what his wife thought and if she was there? The backup dancers looked better than the lead girl…wow

  • Yin

    I wonder what Dave Letterman was thinking through this garbage?

  • auchamp22

    it was decent… i bet nicki got some good goodies tho…


  • SparkLe_B1AtCH

    this chick disgusts me….there are no words for how ugly she is. FOR REAL! I think i just threw up on my mouth a little bit!!!

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