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A heated debate popped off yesterday on The View. Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepard and that squeaky voiced half-wit Elizabeth Hasselbeck had it out over the nature, use and history of the “N-Word”, with that dinosaur Barbara Walters playing the relatively safe moderator. Click HERE for a ganders.


  • Lauren


  • Erm, what in the HEEZY? (i stand by my disappointed groan)

    *sigh* @ this topic yet again

  • k

    listen, elizabeth was saying to STOP USING THE N WORD – EVERYONE STOP USING IT and i agree with her .. whoopie and sherri were the sellouts trying to say they can use it! ELIZABETH won that round

  • http://www.girlfriendchurch.com GirlfriendL

    o elizabeth shutup! http://www.girlfriendchurch.com girlfriends get the word!

  • Lauren

    i agree with you Bree….i’m out.

  • vgeezy

    One one hand when a white person says the word they are racist….But when we say it we are not?

    GTFOH people

  • Lou in the Chi

    Yeah Whoopi was trying to explain how we’ve turned their negative into our positive, but Elizabeth just didn’t get it. Now Whoopi can get on my nerve cause she is way too liberal and think everything is okay, but on this I give her kudos.

  • 6 Figgaz

    Same ol’ sh*t.

    That Sherri Shepard got a heavy chest on her though… gotdayum…

  • Lou in the Chi


    u dang on right. Just like women can refer to each other using the b-word, but men can not. This is America and there are double standards everywhere. Why should we allow white people to dictate how we refer to each other. Next they’ll be offended because we greet each other with “what’s up black man.” That’ll be us be racist too. Screw them my nig.

  • DaOne

    Elizbeth was crying for nothing! She act like she doesn’t understand the “double standard” but it is what it is…just like I’m sure she calls her mother/husband names jokingly at times, but it would mean something totally different if someone else was to call them that. Babara also makes jokes about her own age sometimes but it would sound different if Elizabeth was to call her old

  • Prettycitygirl

    Stop using the word already! It is not necessary I am not a n*gger, no one is!

  • Tired

    “That Sherri Shepard got a heavy chest on her though”


    I know right, just think about her neck, back, and sholders I know they hurt. just looking at her makes mine hurt then I flash back…

  • http://www.google.com Man, I just don't care


    “listen, elizabeth was saying to STOP USING THE N WORD – EVERYONE STOP USING IT and i agree with her .. whoopie and sherri were the sellouts trying to say they can use it! ELIZABETH won that round”


    I’m assuming your take on Elizabeth “winning” the round is your agreement that no one should use the N-word.

    The only problem with this is that it completely disregards the “cultural” aspect of it. Agree with it or not, it is part of the lexigon of African-Americans with a different meaning than originally intended.

    If you went to China, would you “shake hands” with strangers or “bow heads?” That is respect for cultural differences. Whits have traditionally not respected the cultures of others (Hitler,the Indians) to the point that this disrespect is part of their culture.

  • Lisa

    I side with Elizabeth. She just didn’t argue her point well. No one should use that word. It’s like telling your child to no do something but you do it right in front of them. Also, American Blacks are the only racial group that addresses themselves with a hateful term. You don’t see Latinos calling themselves Spics or Asians calling themselves Gooks. It’s a horrible word period.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Why are white people SOOO pressed to do everything that Black people do?

    NO WHITE b#tch you can’t say the word and you know EXACTLY why = Cause you know the meaning behind the word and the negative connotations associated with it… YES, Black people can use it BUT YOU CANNOT!!!

    Just like we know better than to call a Jewish person a kyke, an Asian person chinky eye – rice & dog eatin’…, a Spanish person a spic… We ALL know that we CAN’T call others the derogatory names that have been given to those groups, because it’s WRONG period and when you do you know exactly what you’re doing = trying to insult them…

    Stop playing the “innocent fool”, I can’t STAND when white people do that = why can’t we do that bulls#it…

    By the way, I like my white people white…

    I’m not a big fan of wannabes – if you’re cool, you’re cool but stop trying to be something that you’re not… Just be yourself…

    And all of that, “I understand Black people because I have Black friends” = NO mother f#cker you don’t, because you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what Black people and other people of colors have to go through because we don’t have “white privelege”…

    I can’t stand that dumb white b#tch Elizabeth Hasselback, she is one clueless b#tch and just like a fool you can’t tell her that she’s wrong…

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