BOSSIP Exclusive: Common Talks Kanye West “We Gotta Allow The Superstar To Be A Human”

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BOSSIP talked to Common earlier this week and he had so much to say we decided to give you the rest in a second post. Pop the hood for the latest on Common’s first leading role in a film, his next album and why Kanye can’t stay out of trouble.

On His Upcoming Role in “Just Wright” As An NBA Player:

That’s the dream for me because I grew up wanting to be in the NBA. I play a character on the NJ Nets, my character is named Scott McKnight. I’m one of the top players in the league. Paula Patton’s character and I hook up and we start dating and Queen Latifah is a physical therapist. I’m on top of the world and I end up getting an injury. And Latifah becomes my physical therapist and Paula Patton is wavering on whether she wants to be with me because it don’t look like my career is gonna be great, so she’s a golddigger. It’s really a love story but it has it’s comedy to it too. It was really a great experience for me and I’m grateful to be a lead for my first opportunity with Queen Latifah I couldn’t’ve picked a better leading lady.

Challenges Of Playing The Lead:

Technically they would say it’s Latifah’s movie but I was the second most used person in the film. It was definitely a lot more work. You have a lot more responsibility, it’s more weight on your shoulders, it was a lot of learning for me, luckily I was in the hands of people who cared for me. The director Sanaa Hamri worked on two videos I was in. My “Come Close” video and a video I was in with Joss Stone. The producers in the studio were also really supportive. I had a good team around so I was able to work it out.

On Advice Queen Latifah Gave Him:

She was telling me to continue to be natural and be me. To be the character, but let my natural essence come out too. It was really cool, because most of the characters I’ve been playing have been more distant from me. In Street Kings I played a cop who was a killer, he was just an evil type dude. That’s a little far off, not saying there’s not anything wrong with me but this role was closer to home. Me dreaming as a kid to play in the NBA was really fun. We got to play against Dwight Howard and Dwayne Wade and Rashad Lewis. We had Rajon Rondo in the film, different sportscasters I really watch on ESPN. My father played in the ABA for a couple years. I was a ball boy for the Bulls when I was a kid. I hung out with a couple friends of mine who are ball players – Baron Davis who plays for the Clippers and I talked to Rondo really quick. I was sposed to pick Dwyane Wade’s brain too but he was in Chicago and we were busy shooting in New Jersey and New York.

On His Upcoming Album:

The new album is called the Believer. I actually don’t have a date yet, but I’m planning for this year. I’m working with No I.D. and Twilight Tone and Kanye. It’s the raw hip-hop, it’s gonna uplift the spirit. It’s the people’s music, that’s what I’m doing.

On Avoiding The Negative Media Kanye Struggles With:

I got my faults and my flaws and I make mistakes like any other human being. I think some of it is being more experienced in the music business to a certain extent than Kanye is because I’ve been in it longer. He’s definitely popular and one of the biggest artists out there so some of the things he’s doing are gonna be seen more anyway because more people are watching him. Because he has had a history of doing certain thing that gather attention more people are paying attention when he does do that. We’re all living and growing, we gotta allow the Superstar to be a human being too.

Common gave us a great interview, but we had to laugh when we caught him slipping on his Twitter habits. Read below:

BOSSIP: What’s Your Twitter address?
Common: What’s my twitter address? It’s common ummm, go to and it’s on my blog.
BOSSIP: You’re Not Really Twittering Common?
Common: I twitter through my um… I tell them stuff what to do but I don’t always type it myself. Ahh you got me on that one. Every other question you had I was good but you got me on that one!

There you have it folks. If you’d like to read the first part of BOSSIP’s Exclusive With Common Click Here and stay tuned for more interview outtakes on next week!

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