On the Come Up: Tiger Woods Leaves Sex Rehab with his Wife…

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Tiger Woods just left a Mississippi rehab center where he was receiving treatment for sexual addiction and his wife was there by his side. Details on the flipside.

Tiger is returning home from rehab with his wife Elin who flew to Hattiesburg today to join her husband. Tiger attended group and personal counseling while at the rehab center and despite speculation that his wife was leaning towards divorce, she was there by his side.

With their marriage being the focus of intense media speculation surrounded around claims of infidelity, the couple is said to be trying to move forward. Elin meeting Tiger for his trip home is a start to the long-awaited damage control that the couple has in store to rebuild their public image.


  • thatbrutha

    FIX it and pay the WOMAN.

  • Shawn of the living

    SO What!!!

  • loveme loveme not

    Once a cheater always a cheater he will only get better @ his game trust that

  • AngWoo82

    She betta than me! Good luck to ya!

  • Pat


  • KranMan

    There you go Tiger, You got yourself a dumb dumb,

  • MK

    that pic is craking me up

  • Looking for a Bossip Baby

    Hahahahaha! I suggest he get some black friends so this never happeneds again.

  • Jannie

    Loooooooooool@the picture of Tiger and his wife haha it fits what hes going through

  • Pookie


  • me

    wthn couldn’t be me

  • BKM

    I am proud of Tiger and Elin… it’s a start. None of you know what it is like to walk in Tiger’s shoes… to be a blk man in a white world, a white sport… everyone knows he’s still a negro and he does face some adversity because of it. He lost his best friend recently (his dad) and has gazzilions of dollars. Woemn throwing temselves at his feet and the pressures of everyday life. That man doesn;t have it easy and some of you have slept with 10-20 women in one year so how dare you judge because he’s a celebrity and you are not.

    People need to realize that HUMANS make mistakes… yes, sometimes ,ore than one. Human makes 20 or 30 mistakes, and often make the same mistakes over and over again… and there is a cause for it. If everyone learns how to turnt he other cheek and accept people for who they really are, the world would be a much better place.

    STOP justding Tiger and look within yourself to see how you could be better.

  • moneymagnet

    She’s just staying so she can get that money he promised if they stay together for seven years instead of ten, this chick isn’t fooling anyone. Plus, everyone knows the perks that come along with being a pro a/s/s/o/l/e/t/e wife are not as good when you divorce.




  • http://www.colorofloveidate.com Entreprenuer2

    His wife is crazy for taking him back. He will cheat again! If you are into the swirl life, visit the #1 Interracial Date Site in the US/UK at http://www.colorofloveidate.com.

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