Juvenile Justice: 12-Year-Old Charged as an Adult for Murdering His Pregnant Stepmother

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BOSSIP has learned that 12-year-old Jordan Brown will be charged as an adult for murdering his father’s pregnant fiancée and unborn child last year:

Jordan Brown was only 11 years old when Pennsylvania prosecutors say he put a bullet in the head of his father’s pregnant fiancée and shot her dead. The unborn child died also. Now a court will decide if Brown at 12-years-old will become one of the country’s youngest murder defendants to be tried as an adult. The next hearing is March 12.

Authorities say he shot 26-year-old Kenzie Marie Houk in their western Pennsylvania farmhouse last February. A defense psychologist testified Friday that an adolescent’s brain does not control impulses in a “mature way.” Lawrence County Judge Dominick Motto continued the rest of the hearing to allow the prosecution’s psychologist to examine Brown. That doctor will testify when the hearing resumes.

Brown’s family is standing behind him. According to CNN, they want the case tried in juvenile court and believe the “all-American boy” who loves to hunt with his father Chris Brown and play football, is innocent.

If Brown is tried and convicted as an adult, he faces life in prison. If convicted in juvenile court, he can only remain in detention until he is 21.


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