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Mariah Carey was spotted on the way into MTV’s TRL yesterday in this little cutesy get up and knock-kneed stance. Check below for more of MiMi….

Peep pics of Natalie Cole, who was recently diagosed with Hep C outside of Madeo Restaurant and Blood Diamond Russ chatting it up at the Ivy right now.

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  • lovehim


  • Cornell


  • Cornell

    or second and third

  • tropical

    she is overexpose!!

  • Doagae

    As usual she looks crazy…..

  • lovehim

    Haha FIRST.. i dont even care for this post lmaoo… I GOT FIRSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Cornell

    She’ll start dressing like an adult when she turns 40 I guess.

  • jammy

    trying to be a young ting again to match hubbys age

  • Nicki Sunshine

    I want Mariah to hire a new stylist… STAT. Her body is on point, but seriously when is the dressing like an overpaid call girl gonna stop???

  • justaddhotmilk aka phoenix_simone_xoxo (aww aunt terri why did you have to die, i was coming to see you friday. r.i.p. ms. luckie, lynn-lynn loves you)

    wow is tying your shirt in the front back in style again? i wonder if they will bring back that ring device with it

  • as seen on t.v. (R.I.P. K-Swift)

    Will she ever grow up and act her age and not Nicks shoe size….

  • Mock Rock Star

    Thanks for putting something new up or I would still be over there on that Rihanna thread. Yeah, Mariah is funny. Maybe she never had a “childhood” like MJ.


    Mariah has Peter Pan syndrome

  • T-Bird

    Mimi needs to grow the “eff” up already….

  • GirlfriendL

    we love you MiMi but you are acting like a donkey. you are taking alicia’s teenage love affair too far! learn how to de-donkeyfy yourself at

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