Monica Gets Romantic With Chad Ochocinco???

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Monica was in Los Angeles this week to shoot the video for her next single “Everything To Me” off her upcoming album Still Standing. BOSSIP has learned Monica picked Cincinnati Bengals wide-receiever Chad Ochocinco to play her love interest. Pop the hood for some behind the scenes shots!

It looks like she gets gully in this one — see Mo with her pimp hand raised? Yeah, guess that’s the kind of drama you get messing with Chad Ochocinco!

Sadly enough Monica is outfitted in a gown and blouse by the recently deceased designer Alexander McQueen in some of these shots.

Monica’s album is set to drop March 23rd.


  • noelle

    Sadly enough Monica is outfitted in a gown and blouse by the recently deceased designer Alexander McQueen in some of these shots.

  • dmo

    Hey not hating. He’s more well rounded and paid than her bum baby daddy.
    “You just do you, imma do me”. Monica better do her a NFL player and get paid, because her album is going to flop like her one hit wonder boyfriend.

  • www.The Perfect

    Chad “who”?!

    How da hell you say dat?!

    Hmmm…alrighty then


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....65 DAYS!!!!


    I don’t like him. Ewww!

    I liked Monica with Buckey Baby the best!!

  • ATL said..

    Let Ochocinco want her see if she dont drop 5’2 zero uno. What is up with Monica rocking the one eye covered thing? that means something to some folk because everytime you turn around its the eye patch, one wink, hair covering the eye seen the bieber boy, rihannaa few others and also Monica anything we need to know here? Anybody?


    HE UGLY!!!

  • lala

    Chad’s sexiiii. Monica beautiful as always. Can’t wait for her album, def. getting it when it comes out. Well downloading it anyway.

  • GotYou

    She’s putting a lot into this album.

    w w w . t h e n o i r e f f e c t . c o m

  • hell naw

    @ dmo


    I don’t know much about this Chad guy…he seems cute. I saw some clip on YouTube with a bunch of his catch phrases and I was laughing. He seems to have a funny sense of humor.

  • marie II

    um monica got some nice cuts on that new album, me and my girls think she was cool and down to earth on her show i’ll think shell do alright better than brandy, ashanti, mya,

  • lili

    I know this dont have anything to do with comparison to other singers who make a name for shaking thier butts, yelling across the stage or sleeping with married men, but MONICA is BAD! This is what you call singing…..She is down to earth, humble and talented. It’s a shame singers like her, Tweet, and Tamia dont get the credit they deserve…

  • D

    Goooo Monica!!!! Luvs her!!

  • Cookie B.

    I am glad Monica is coming back to the music scene. I think she made some bad decisions with her career but over aall she is a great artist. I wish she had waited to have her children with a better man that could contribute to her life style FINACIALLY. If it wasn’t for her income, they would not have anything, ’cause it seems like he doesn’t do anything but live off of her earnings. SOME WOMEN JUST GOT TO HAVE A MAN!

  • Cookie B.

    She let her personal life and her bad attitude interfer with her singing career. She always dip in and out of the music game. She did not grind as much as she needed to, at least I think. She could have put forth a little more effort as a younger person. Now, people don’t know who she is really. She’s in the catch up race.

  • too cute

    love her,her hair always looks on point,Monica wasn’t promoted enough in the past,hope this album will be good,heard one song and I like it.

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