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MiMi was all smiles at the “celebrity extravaganza” on 106 & Park yesterday. Jennifer Hudson, Plies and Soulja Boy were live on the set too. Check out more pics below. 

Peep more pics of Jennifer Hudson on her way into the 106 & Park set right about now.

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  • fnioeu


    She is seeking a guy to be her boyfriend on ” C asu al se ek . co m “. Who will be the lucy guy? You or Me?


    Make it do what it do then…



  • BROWNS TOWN BABY (NIKKI UNDERWOOD SAYS DMX said "She gave me the P*SSY that ass is getting fatter")

    Yeah no belt….cute pic Jen.

  • 2nd2nun

    why does mariah always look like she has food stuffed in her cheeks … reminds me of a squirrel storing up nuts for the winter!

  • Emerald

    I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up about Rocsi leaving. Damn! Disappointment is a mutha!

  • BROWNS TOWN BABY (NIKKI UNDERWOOD SAYS DMX said "She gave me the P*SSY that ass is getting fatter")

    I also have a spool of cotton under my desk I would like to donate to MIMi….its all white and you can dye it whatever color you’d like….



  • swoosh

    plies can get it

    mimi needs to dress and act her age

    hate souljah boy

    jennifer looks ???

  • kigali Weaves R4 trannies


  • chocodelite

    J-Hud looks great! I love her! She’s my girl crush…

  • JorgeOoOoOo

    Nick is a lucky guy. I would still do mariah plus she has a bunch of money.

  • Doagae

    Ok…this biotch is starting to work my nerves…..does she even have a stylist anymore?

  • BROWNS TOWN BABY (NIKKI UNDERWOOD SAYS DMX said "She gave me the P*SSY that ass is getting fatter")


    XOXOXO….i know right…these sun-o-b*tches got me in the arse😦

  • Just Sayin

    She look about as smart as a bag of foreskin!


  • Just Sayin

    Hey Yal…


  • The( Delicious ♥ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY Mariah, looking good..well I don’t like the dress, but the BOOTS are fireeeeeee

    and J hudd….WORD ON the streets is: That PUNK have her NOSE WIDE OPEN, PUNK? the cat from I ♥ NY.

    I kind of thought that he was YA KNOW..GAY

  • cici

    I really hate these people talking about the players or rich men joined the famous dating site named W e a l t h y L o v e s c om. Could you people please have a break?? It’s a place to meet the rich and celebrities.

  • southernbella

    I luv J-Hud…

    She represents the thickee mamas across the U.S. She looks like the average woman and that’s what makes her marketable and likeable. Plus she can sing. No she dance all around the stage to make -up for her lack of talent unlike Ciara. No she isnt a fashion icon like Rhianna. She doesnt use her body to sell her records like Ashanti. She gets on the stage sings the hell out of her songs and entertains with her voice… The way it should be. If I pay money to go to a concert, I want to see and hear LIVE singing. Not recorded music and lip singing and dancing everywhere, if I wanted that I could save my money and stay at home and watch the video.

    She’s a breath of fresh air unlike the other who suffocate you with their lack of talent.

  • 6 Figgaz

    J Hud looks rather… uh…. ah… f*ck it. I don’t want to start nothin’ today.

    bree & Nik… my cyber boos…

  • 6 Figgaz

    KZZ: need one o’ dem hugs today ma.

  • Re (This jetlag is a mutha...)


    Goodmorning hun. Don’t give it to her, she’s only going to dye it black…or pink. LOL, and WHY do you carry spools!?

    @Kzzme and Bree


  • BROWNS TOWN BABY (NIKKI UNDERWOOD SAYS DMX said "She gave me the P*SSY that ass is getting fatter")


    we can call it that.

  • Envy Me (Colorful Skinny's, Fingerwaves, DoorKnockers, Bamboos,Asymmetric Cuts, THE 80s IS SO BACK)









  • bree

    Hi KZZ, Nikki, 6 Figgaz, Re!

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