Nas Disses Money Hungry Ex-Wife Kelis In New Track

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Damn, Nas has dropped a track dissing Kelis just in time for Valentine’s Day:

“How in the hell am I supposed to stay comfy/ When I pay child support, alimony monthly….”
Nasir Jones has been doing his best not to speak on his very public divorce from Kelis but obviously frustrated, it looks like Nas has finally snapped.Continue…


  • thatbrutha


  • WhatAWorld

    Come on now,your a G.O.A.T and you shouldn’t even address this ish.You new what type of woman she was and you crossed her,so you lose!

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    w/e making a diss track about this isn’t going to help in anything Nas so stfu lol..You’re a real good rapper & all but find something else to spit about,please!
    Anyways Kelis looks real nice in this old pic her hair

  • Dj Kelly Kiss

    di song is fiah!!!!

  • foxxy cleopatra foster

    Kelis is gonna ring Nas dry.

  • nywoman23

    how dumb is that. why put your feelings/business in a song. keep that $h!t to yourself. im tired of twitter rap etc. that between you n kelis. or you and yourself nas. not the whole world. or parts of it lol because the whole world aint gonna hear that garbage.

  • www.The Perfect

    Poor dude!

    70k a month?!

    That’s dat ol’ bull… you know what!

  • Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    how is a diss track gonna help? and why would you put your business out like that? maybe he should talk to her and they could resolve something.

  • Whatever

    Why are soo many black men, whiny cry babies. All they do is cry and complain. Grow up!

    Nas, keep your business to yourself. Stop making songs degrading the mother of your child. Your son will grow up one day and listen to this. Someone from Nas camp tell him to sit his azz down.

    You married her, you cheated on her, you beat her while she was pregnant. So, now you must pay.

    The fact of the matter is she waited SEVERAL years AFTER she got married to become pregnant. So, he needs to stop the gold -diggin’ crap. A true gold-digger would have gotten pregnant on the wedding night.

    And if he didn’t want kids, get FIXED fool. Many men do. Or wear protection!!!

  • It's cold in the D!

    Maybe, if you would not have cheated, and cheated, and cheated on your wifey – she would not be so bitter, bitter and bitter.

    I like your music, but you aint right. Money – hurts you…now you know how she feel when you was cheating.

  • shonda

    Hell have no fury like a woman scorned!!!

  • Soul Touch

    I just don’t know why he has to pay her alimony.

    She was making money before Nas.

    She didn’t quit anything after she married Nas.

    They weren’t married long enough for her to be adjusted to a particular life style that he may offer…especially since Nas isn’t racking it in.

    So why alimony? That sh*t confuses me. I just gave Kelis more props…thought she was a self made woman. A woman with power and strength, but I see it’s all about the dollars.

    …all the while you’re rocking your rodent fur…come on Kelis.

    True, he should keep his personal life seperate, but let’s be real, Kelis doesn’t hesitate to call the press if Nas misses a payment and I bet you she penned a few tracks based on his triflin’ behavior (sleeping around) AND, aren’t the best lyrics made from real life experience? After all, Mary J, Lauryn, Erykah, Chrisette got us ladies through some of our worst times speaking about love, loss, disappointments, etc.

  • dmo

    Oh I get it, Nas aint talking about sleeping with every girl in the world, clubbing, getting shot, money, or any other ignorant things yall idiots listen to and call it music; but when he expressing his feelings of something he just went through, it’s wack. PLEASE. That’s what he’s been doing his whole career, so now that Kelis has supposebly won this monetary battle because she wasn’t woman enough to handle the conflicts in their marriage you people are dissing him. So what if he cheated(in which you don’t know), if you were woman enough you would be able to stick by your husband no matter what. This shows what she really wanted, MONEY. “BETTER OR WORSE, SICKNESS AND HEALTH”… Weak people can’t handle being hurt, and that’s what Kelis is and all you people who believe she is right. You’re weak and can’t handle life. Seriously, the track sounds better than any Young Money, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, or any other irrelevant artists’ music that is currently coming out. 20 years of a prosperous career ruined by a gold digger who didn’t help him achieve one dime, she needs to be shot. How can you blame somebody for their feelings they develop for someone? You can’t, you got people marrying prostitutes, strippers, known h.o.e.s, and all type of ignorant woman but not all those relationships fail. ALL OF YOU have cheated and have no business 2nd guessing Nas. No matter how much you hate on him, he still has more money than you paying his child support/alimony, he’s still one of the most influential rap artist in the rap game, and he still living better than YOU.

  • Realest


  • Sixftsenorita

    I think it’s wrong to be able to file for divorce in CA if you’re not a FULLTIME resident of CA. I notice Shaunie O’Neal did it, and her and Shaq were living in Florida.

    He can’t blame anyone but himself for this one, didn’t he hear Kanye shouting:”We want Prenupt!” six years ago?

    Any rich man who gets married without a prenupt is a fool. Instead of screwing football players wives, he should’ve been screwing a divorce attorney. Now what I would do is get rid of the current judge, and petition to have the case heard in her ACTUAL state of residence, which is probably New York. He also needs to ask for an accounting of ALL MONIES spent for child support, he can set up a trust for the child, and then file for joint custody. Women think they’re slick, men need to be just as slick, plus I would fight the alimony every step of the way.

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