Who’s My Mommy???: My Auntie Cut My Mom and Grandma Off Because They Were Doing Too Much!!!

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My mommy and my grandma have their own reality show and my grandma likes to cut the fool at any given moment. My auntie is a famous singer that wants nothing to do with my family…

Who is My Mommy???

Neffe and Soullow’s newest addition Naila Noel was born in September 09′ at 5.7 pounds. According to Neffe in her Sister 2 Sister (S2S) interview, the baby that was in the Youtube video back in September was not Naila, it was their 1st baby Jaylan.

When S2S, asked Neffe about her sister Keyshia being pregnant, this is what she had to say:

S2S: Now, what did you think when you heard Keyshia Cole, your sister, is pregnant?

Neffe: Oh I don’t know if she’s pregnant or not.

S2S: They’re showing pictures of her being big on YouTube or someplace. TMZ, I think it was, Neffe.

Neffe: Who told you that?

S2S: And March 1st is when the baby’s due.

Neffe: I’m asking you,now. I haven’t seen or talked to my sister since last January, almost.

S2S: A year?

Neffe: She doesn’t talk to us.

S2S: Why? Is she mad at you?

Neffe: I don’t think she’s mad. I think she’s just taking a timeout to be her.

S2S: Okay, to be her.

Neffe: I mean, she’s been in the limelight for five, six years straight. At some point, you have to take the time to be you, to learn you and if you wanna be a family or if you wanna be a mother or if you just wanna keep going on with you career.

Neffe knows why Keyshia is not speaking to her and the family. We don’t really understand why she is playing the dummy…


  • http://gmail.com Seriously

    She looks just like Soullow!

  • Alrighty Then... (Barbara Jordan)

    She’s playing the dummy because NOT playing the dummy is what got them not speaking in the 1st place! THANK YOU NEFFE, for keeping your trap shut about your sister’s BI this time….

  • Rihanna's sharp n witchy fingernails took the oath

    why is she having all these children, by all these men? a baby is not gonna make a man love you more or stay!!!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....60 Days!!!


    YOu could have picked a better pic of Neffie.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....60 Days!!!

    Honestly she should have just said she wasn’t interested in speaking about her sister. To act like she didn’t know Keyshia was pregnant…well that was dumb. Every blog site has the pics. Daxn Neffie…you living under a rock Momma??

  • RE-UP

    @aka gmen I bet you got a white Baby Mamma! LMFBAO

  • SMH

    That baby is gorgeous. Congrats guys! Cant tell Keyshia how to live her life but what if something tragic happened to one of her estranged family members? LOVE now while you have the chance!

  • brandimus

    iKnew dat was Keyshia’s baby, just because of the headline.

  • Jay the Real One

    Keysha right to leave those idiots alone, she tried…

  • Dilla

    Neffe’s playing safe because she’s waiting for Keyshia’s anger to pass over in hopes that she will get back on the gravy train. Elite on the other hand is stupid for talking all that crap, cause she’s cut off.

  • RE-UP

    @brandimus, naw dude dats not Keyshia’s kid…dats Neffe’s

  • RE-UP

    @ La Mexican AKA Shamerika & brandimus, are you guys even reading the post? are you guys confused?

  • ohhhellllnoooo


  • tg

    The baby is precious. I have a friend JUST LIKE Neffee – always acting out and never understanding why people don’t understand her. Neffee is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons and don’t even recognize that because she is blinded by her own stupidity. When Keyshia asks her to chill for the good of her career – she acts up even more. Not sure if that was for the show, but obviously, it was real – since Keyshia has FINALLY gotten tired of their fame w.h.o.r.e actions.

  • loveme loveme not

    It’s too late to play dumb when your sister already told the public that she’s expecting. Neffe you probably ran your mouth about everything else so tell that! Oh I see ya thought that Keyshia was playing when she cut those tides with ya? Hum I guess not! The gravy train is gone lol!

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