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Estelle discusses groupies, he-hoes, and not sleeping with John Legend:

“Stop insulting me with that. It’s like I couldn’t have got where I am because I do good work? You lot have seen me hustle and struggle, so if someone comes along and is appreciative of my talent, guy or girl… I’m supposed to sleep with them? We’re good friends and that’s as far as it goes. Have respect for me and for him because, obviously, he wouldn’t have signed me if I was sleeping with him. Not a lot of groupies get signed. To me that’s borderline disrespectful. He appreciates my talent.”

She reveals she gets male groupies she calls ‘He-Hoes’. She laughed: “They’ll come out and say, ‘Yeah babe I really respect you.’ Then they’re also like, ‘The beautiful Estelle’ and I’m like, ‘Erh what do you want?’ And they’ll go on, ‘I have seen you a lot…’ and I’m like, ‘Because I’m a rapper and a singer and I’m on TV?’ “It’s funny. I’m like, ‘Yeah cool, nice to meet you. You don’t need my number. You really don’t. I don’t have a UK phone. I don’t live here anyway.'”

Who ever said she was sleeping with John Legend?? We all know how he gets down...



  • The( Delicious ♥ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    John legend is gay


    This white star has dated white and black men equally, over the years. She tells friends that black men are easier to manipulate because they over compensate her since she’s white.

    This same woman hangs out with black women (because she doesn’t consider them threatening) and despite this, she says negative comments about black women under her breath, sadly, black women continue to hang out with her for publicity purposes.

    She also goes out of her way to tell her black female friends that she met a black celebrity, and oh, by the way, “he doesn’t date black women.” She also innocently asks, what is the definition of “black woman drama? Anybody know?”

    Before this white woman became a star, she used her black friendships to her advantage. Example: She learned how to cook soul food. In her mind, this would be a helpful trait to snag a rich black man in the future.

    She has also used the N-word in conversation with her black girlfriends, when one of them asked her not to repeat that word again in her presence, she was apologetic but a few weeks later, she repeated it again in front of the same friend. They are no longer friends.

    This white star has always been jealous of Beyonce’s beauty despite smiling in her face and acting friendly when she sees her at industry events.

    Behind her back, she goes out of her way to criticize Beyonce and once told her white friends, Jay will never marry her. I don’t care if she’s famous, face it, she’s black and he will end up with a white woman like the majority of rich and famous black men, I bet I can take him away from her without even trying-I’m the right skin tone.

    Before Beyonce and Jay married, this woman showed up at a party. Jay was in attendance and she tried to make eye contact with him all evening, trying to snag the richest man in hip-hop. Her plan backfired, security was tight that evening.

    Imagine her shock and surprise when Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s wedding nuptials were confirmed.

    She’s still sick with contempt and jealousy according to the source of this story; a former friend.

  • Re (This jetlag is a mutha...)

    Should I be nice? Cause I really want to say something about Estelle here…but I’ll say, “I like her music.”

  • Re (This jetlag is a mutha...)

    …okay, one more thing…”She has a really strong face.” But that’s it, I promise.


    HE-HOES!!! FUNNY!!!!

  • k.k

    she’s down to earth i see that,and she likes jamaicans!!!..

  • Aunt Viv

    I like Estelle.



  • guilty pleasure


    She is NOT cute at all!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tired

    Dang!!! I didn’t realize she was so………soft on the eyes.

  • Envy Me(Colorful Skinnys, Fingerwaves, Doorknockers, Bamboos, Asymetric Cuts, THE 80's IS SO BACK)

    bye bye Estelle nobody is checkin 4 u

    LOL at RE….u r crazyyyyyyyyy

  • spinner 22

    I love Estelle I dont think JOhn is gay but I know how he goes down with non black models with long dark hair this last one hes got is prettier then previous but is a hot mess with messy hair and clothes the one before had more style and class

  • RandiiGirl!

    You know, it is amazing what video makeup artists can do for a sistah.. because I really don’t remember her face looking so.. well… terrible.. OHHH WEEEEE

  • The Dirty Franchise

    Estelle is an ugly woman… an ugly dark-skinned woman… no, not because she’s dark-skinned… but I feel as if though I have to say that so people understand where I’m coming from. :-P

  • Re (This jetlag is a mutha...)

    @Envy Me ;-)

    It’s hard not to start “joanin'” on here…is that how you spell it?

  • beautiful b

    wow!!! im out on that note.

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