For Discussion: Does President Obama Deserve Another Term??

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A recent poll shows that the majority of Americans feel President Obama doesn’t deserve a second term.  While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, check under the hood to see why they feel this way and get more details on the subject.

A poll conducted by CNN shows that 52% of Americans feel President Obama is undeserving of a second term in office. The question was answered by both registered and non registered voters. The reason for their opinion is said to be a disconnect between Obama and Americans regarding class.

Some Americans feel that Obama isn’t recognized as a middle class type of American making him un-relatable to the average person. In this same poll 45% of Americans voted that they viewed President Obama as an upper class American…opposed to the 42 percent saying he is from the middle class and 12 percent describing him as working class.

We feel President Obama is deserving of another term to help clean up America and set us back on track, regardless of what class he’s viewed as. But according to this poll others feel differently.



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