Trina and Kenyon Martin Involved in Car Accident

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Here are some pics of Trina and her boo Kenyon Martin’s car wreck in Belize this weekend. Hopefully, they were not hurt, but two children were injured in the crash.

Update: A release statement has been made regarding the accident:

“Trina was in a small fender bender in Belize, yesterday on her way from the airport to a charity basketball event this weekend,” Trina’s publicist Krystle Coleman [said]. “She is currently fine, and ‘extremely thankful’ that no one was hurt in the small car accident. She is looking forward to the rest of her weekend on vacation and thankful for everyone’s safety.”

The driver of the minivan, George Abraham, suffered minor injuries but his 12 and nine year- old-sons sustained injuries more severe. In an interview after the accident with Belize’s Local 7 News, Abraham accused Trina and Martin’s driver of being in the wrong. “I was on my right hand side and this vehicle overtake on this side,” Abraham said. “That guy was in the wrong in that vehicle. I was on my correct hand. ‘Ahh my shoulder.’”

Other witnesses said the police motorcade was so large, that oncoming traffic was forced to swerve to the sides on a narrow stretch of the road. “Bringing in such a huge figure within the NBA, we thought that it would just add some level of our thoughts and what it meant having them coming into our country and we wanted to show them with humbleness what it is that it means to us as Belizeans and also – everybody’s been expecting them,” organizer Diane Finnegan told Local 7 News.

Police are investigating the accident, as well as if the motorcade for Trina and Kenyon Martin was officially sanctioned.




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