*BOSSIP Exclusive* Has Joe Budden’s Ex, Tahiry, Found A Replacement Guy Already???

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On to the next one! On to the next one! It’s been a wrap for Joe Budden and ex-girlfriend Tahiry for months now and it looks like girlfriend is officially ready to move on! Pop the hood to find out who Tahiry is making D-List love with:

BOSSIP has learned that Tahiry is now getting it in with Play, one half of Grammy-winning production duo Play-N-Skillz. Our sources tell us the two were all over each other in Dallas during All-Star Weekend, and they are definitely feeling each other. Although it’s still a D-List love match, we think this a major upgrade for Tahiry after wasting 5 years with Joe’s bipolar woman beating a*s!!!

Besides, maybe if Tahiry’s lucky, Play will hook her up with his brother Skillz’s girlfriend Angela Simmons so she can get some MTV love!

Out with the old love — in with the new!!!


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....59 Days!!!


  • washya

    Tahiry has lost alot of stock for being with that looser Joe buddens way too long…. just a d-list jumpoff now

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....59 Days!!!

    I really hate how Joe looks in that top pic. UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!

  • MzThickWitIt

    @I’m Just Me…Keeping It Real Since: 1983….59 Days!!!

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Whatever! Wasn’t this trick talking not so long ago about how Joe beat her? Plus she threw a lame azz “tattoo party” with her girls recently to? girl please!

    Skillz,Vanessa’s Simmons beau/fiancee is way better looking. Even though rumor has it that they supposedly broke up

  • Somali Ninga

    I’ve never heard of Tahiry…

  • SparkLe_B1AtCH

    joe budden needs me right now. my back es mas grande compared to TAHIRY anyday!

    they both need to stop and just move on….

  • duhhhhhh

    lol stop lying im dyin when i seen that pick lmao

  • KeepNit2Real

    long as she happy….who cares?



  • Yes Indeed

    I don’t think that guy qualifies as d list….

  • Masie_UK

    Who is this fat and ugly old woman?

    That spic looks hot, thats rare

  • Jay the Real One

    This is newsworthy? Really?

  • Britchick91!


  • http://www.GREENBACKGANG.net www.GREENBACKGANG.net

    whomp whomp whomp (Charlie Brown)

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