J-Hud’s BabyDaddy Is Ready To Wrassle… Punk Hits The Mats Tuesday!!!

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David Otunga’s wrestling dreams are finally coming true. Otunga, aka Punk, will have to leave all the parenting of son David Jr. to fiancee Jennifer Hudson Tuesday night as he prepares to step up to the mat as part of the 8 member rookie cast of the WWE’s NXT TV show. Pop the hood for his official FCW photo and more information.

WWE released the cast member information for the NXT television show and David Otunga made the cut, while two others who were expected to be named did not. The show begins next Tuesday night on the Syfy network.

Guess Punk’s not such a punk after all…

Then again, we always thought wrestling was kind of gay, so maybe it was a fitting name.



  • d


  • duhhhhhh

    FIRST and who cares wrestling fake anyways

  • Ara

    he’s handsome …..

  • ladyinblue

    I would stick to being a Harvard grad turned lawyer instead of a “wrestler”

  • Mr.K

    So WWE wrestling is the next step after getting a law degree from Harvard?! SMMFH

  • SandraTheCongolese

    Is he african?? Because Otunga sounds just like a congolese name lol.

  • Keepnit100

    Smh…thought he was supposed to be an attorney…ole lying azz

  • Tam Tam


  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    @ last!Good for him I guess? Get that $$$ David

  • Tee3

    OMG! I would never guess he would do that. Poor Jennifer’s skin must crawl everytime someone calls him “Punk”.

  • dayg715

    J-Hud is one lucky woman…

  • http://google trey [x]

    how do you spell steroid’s …….. what people won’t do for that all mighty dollar. for that mean ,mean, mean —mean green.

  • Sixftsenorita

    His motives are highly suspect. How do you go from super ghetto New York, to reserved and classy JHUD?
    I guess it’s easy to fall in love with an Oscar nominated actress. I just hope he treats Jen right and doesn’t start with the steroids, although it looks like he already did.

    On another note: At least we know that he can read a contract.

  • one shot....

    At least he has a job and is making his own doe…half the people who post here don’t have a job and spend most of their day in the library or their mother’s house using the internet

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    What is that??????


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