While Jay Is Livin It Up With The Brits, Bey Bey And Julius Are Getting It In…

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Jay-Z and Beyonce didn’t get to spend Valentines Day together because of their work schedules, but it looks like Bey Bey is having fun either way.  Jay-Z you better fire up that G-5 and make a trip to Argentina.

More pics for the stans on the flip… As if we haven’t given you enough already.


  • http://bossip.com honest opinion

    I’m far from a stan, but love her she looks great

  • 2Sweet

    Man, you know he’s hitting it! If I was married to Jay-Z I would cheat too.

  • CJ

    Yall need to leave shawty alone always tryn to stir up somthn
    yeah we know Jay lets Julius polish bey bey’z coockies when he’s not there Same way how she lets Jay hit Rihanna from the back

  • nywoman23

    i dont believe that marriage is real anyway.i dont believe and i dont care either way .

  • Jazzi68

    Beyonce b killin it tho

  • Kachi cally

    Damn she fine

  • meka

    AM I 1ST???

  • meka

    NOPE!! LOL

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  • Tanya

    I can’t figure out what exactly is he doing with or to her in the pic. Someone tell me please.

  • Cookie B.

    Beyonce looks good and relaxed. Now, she needs to do that for about 51/2 years. Just stay secluded and reserved. Continue to be secretive and private for about 6 more years. Okay Beyonce! ‘Cause, child you ain’t Keisha Cole; You do not have to work hard for a while.

  • Kenny

    Jay Z is not thinking about Beyonce, he is off doing his own thing and she knows… its only a matter of time before…

  • Sarah

    She is wearing her natural hair in these pics.

  • KaniGitADolla?

    hOw mUcH dO dAT jOb pAy?
    hOw kAnI gIt N aPPLiKasHuN?!!!



  • glamour girl

    Great look Bey…..

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