Poor Thang: Michelle Williams

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Michelle Williams is a victim of the ‘album push-back’. Here is a clip from her Myspace blog expressing her sorrow:

I am so sorry about the news of my album!!! Trust me……when they told me I was numb for two days and couldn’t talk to anybody!!! I had sooooooooooooo many questions of as to why they’d push my album back three weeks before the original release date!!!! I will be honest and say that I am disappointed becuz I feel like we should’ve been doing more 3 months ago to promote my album instead of waiting to the last minute to change the date!!!! I have thought about EVERYTHING!!! Columbia Records is saying that they need more time to properly set up the album to ensure its success!!! So let’s make some lemonade out of the lemons!!! This could very well be a blessing in disguise!!! Plus there are still many people who didn’t even know my album was coming out August 12th anyway. I know you guys are LIVID but let’s keep the energy POSITIVE!!!! Things will work out for the good!!!! I will still WIN!!!!!

Damn, life after Destiny’s Child must be real rough if you ain’t Beyonce. SMH.


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