*Exclusive*Pay Yo Bills: Katt “Bankrupt A$$” Williams Is Broke

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Poor Katt Williams, always staying in trouble. Bossip has just learned that Katt Williams has more to worry about than getting arrested at Walmart. Katt’s house is on the verge of foreclosure and that Phantom that he always jokes about during his stand up show has gone back to the bank. SMH… What In The Hell?!?!

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Katt Williams’ house in Calabasas is about to be foreclosed and his Phantom Rolls Royce was repossessed. He owes millions in back taxes, he didn’t perform at the show in Dallas, TX during All-Star Weekend and has yet to return the deposit. He also has several lawsuits pending from past employees who never got paid and hasn’t paid his lawyers in Atlanta who helped him with the recent situation where he was arrested for burglary. He also refuses to do comedy shows to generate money because “he’s retired” and now he’s trying to set up shows where he just does performs as a “rapper” and who wants to pay for that.

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