Jesus Take The Wheel: Maryland Mom On Trial For Murdering Daughters, Storing Bodies In Deep Freezer

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A Rockville, Maryland woman was testified against by her own daughter Thursday after the girl says her “ex-mother” beat and killed her two sisters before housing their bodies in a freezer. Continue


  • takka rayne


  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    The girl told the jury that she and her two sisters were kept in a locked room and given a bucket to use for a bathroom.

    She also says that the woman would often beat them with a shoe and a baseball bat on their buttocks and crotch before choking them.

    Ohmy,almost @ a lost for words! :( :(
    & 2 beautiful black princesses too? Why treat innocent children such way to ltr kill them? This is too sad :( RIP smh

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    I repeat! Some women should NEVER EVER breed!

  • where are they?

    stories like this one is the reason why i support capital punishment.

  • its me let it be known

    i agree with UrHeinessDaQueen some women bring a beautiful life into the world and take it away for what reason?
    what has the child done so wrong to make you store them in a freezer like a piece of meet that you got from your local grocer. SMDH

  • Butterflyj30

    RIP GOD Save Us All!!

  • vegasbet

    Typical shit.

  • Hey Hey

    Just Dirty and Pitiful – she needs to be in jail for life.

  • too cute

    the devil is working overtime,everyone in this world need to wake up,look around you,we are living in hell,just pray

  • Marquis de Sade

    I’m sure somewhere, A black man was the true culprit behind this atrocity. There’s no way A SISTA’ would do somethin’ this heinous :roll:

  • nywoman23...bossip y fix what isnt broken

    Hey Hey

    2/20/10, 12:50:pm

    Just Dirty and Pitiful – she needs to be in jail for life.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~i agree. death penalty is too good for she. she needs to rot in prison and everyday see visions of those kids, and at some point get a conscience. getting a conscience will be great punishment for her. because if she ever gets one it will torture her.

  • Remotecontrol2

    She needs to rot in hell for those children!!!

  • princedonte

    why do people even have kids if they gone do this to em so sad she needs to burn for all time

  • yolanda

    Marquis de Sade@ shut up, you women always blame black men for everything shes the one to blame for her childrens death s

  • cily

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