Another Day, Another DUI

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BOSSIP has learned that Miami Dolphins cornerback Will Allen was arrested for driving under the influence and has been released on bail:

Miami Dolphins cornerback Will Allen has been released from a Miami jail on $1,000 bond after being arrested and charged with driving under the influence, according to inmate records on the Dade County corrections Web site.

According to police records, the 31-year-old was arrested at nearly 3:37 a.m. Saturday morning while driving a white Lamborghini Gallardo. Per the police report, Allen attempted to drive on a blocked causeway despite a detour sign instructing cars to take another route. Police said that Allen pulled up near a parked police vehicle, revving his engine before telling a police officer: “I gotta get through.”

When police told him that the causew was closed, Allen allegedly said: “You don’t understand, I gotta get through.” Allen was asked three times to get out of the vehicle when an officer noticed a “strong odor of alcohol,” before he complied. His Breathalyzer tests registered blood alcohol levels of .152 and .167. The Florida legal limit is .08.

Allen hasn’t been arrested previously.



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