Mrs. Carter And “The Other Man” Leave Jay’s Concert Without Him

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Beyonce and Julius were spotted leaving Camel’s Miami show without him.  This would seem normal if Bey Bey and Julius weren’t spotted getting closer than close lately. Hmmm…

Couple more pics for the stans on the flip.


  • Tink9900

    she looks nice

  • Jamillah

    Those two look good together.

  • kyle

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  • I Am Legend

    how long will it take this thread to become sum B.S about the Illuminati


    I don’t think it is anything to it. However. rumors and talks of rumors can only be around for so long before they really start to take their effect. I mean all to often famous people have got involved with the HELP. ALot of women & women marry for money but sneak and creep with the one they really love. He can either be the best security guard in the industry OR it really might be something to it. Then again his body language in picture show that he probably has developed some feelings for the woman that he has to protect. I give it another year of these rumors before I think that JayZ insist that she replace him.

  • piggly wiggly

    The guy has an earpiece. Clearly he’s a bodyguard you fools

  • Kay Kay

    New Couple??

  • Donna Marie

    Hmmm… damn B…

  • Dineo

    I know this is just rumors and what not but les milk a bit. I’m loving this Bey Julius news lately can’t wait till it becomes serious hehe..anywas Juju man is way hotter than camel face …way to go bey we knew it will be soon before u get tired of that camel’s morning breathe haha…My goal fot next week imma try and be nice to Camel and Rhitard not haha …Go Juju go Juju notice how he is holding bey’s waist like he owns it eat that camel thats how you hold bey in public

  • Get a real life!

    @ Jamillah, okay, I was thinking the samething.

  • Manuel

    This is some BS….. that’s her bodyguard…is he suppose to stay behind???

  • Brotherman

    Homeboy’s rocking her world!

  • Truthtoday

    Notice the hand signals!! Oh yeah!! Illuminati plain as day!!

  • industrymami

    i doubt they are screwing..jay would have that dude 86″d mafia style..but im sure banging bey has gone thru jules mind more than a few timkes ..he is after all a man!

  • Bombaclot

    The “bodygard” is beating the brakes off of that.

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