Deep Denial

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In a recent interview, Rick Ross continued to deny ever being a corrections officer:

“In the game we in, it’s real competitive,” Ross told Power 98.3 FM. “Competitors have to do what they have to do to eat. We making the best music. Y’all seen the BET Awards, y’all saw the magazine. We the biggest in the game, we the best in the game. Just keeping it real. And anytime somebody can attack my character, like I said, you get nothing from the Boss. I don’t give haters the pleasure.“

“When you get to my level, you’re a great conversation piece,” Rick Ross calmly explained. “I’m big on the blogs, I’m big on the magazines, and I appreciate that as an artist. That’s why I’m in the game. I got in this game to introduce people and to make great music. And that’s what it’s about.

“We gon’ keep the records coming, we gon’ keep the music coming. Like I said, I’m one of the realest sources of this real street music in this game. Straight out of Miami, straight out of M-I-Yayo. One of my closest homies was on America’s Most Wanted.”

Ross also revealed that he and Foxy Brown were no longer an item.

Is the fact that he claims to know someone who was once on America’s Most Wanted supposed to prove something? He probably met that dude while he was working at the pen. SMH.



  • Re

    Still denying it…even after this pic? Anyway, he still looks like his name is Herbert.

  • swoosh


  • fnioeu

    I heared that he was playing on ” C a s u a l S e e k . C o m ” which is a dating club for casual encounter. many of his fans were seeking for him and wanna date with him.

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD says: Don’t go on VACATION and come home on PROBATION

    Come on Pretty Ricky…the jig is up

    How about I saw a pic with his whole body in that uniform….Fatabulous :(



  • Aunt Viv

    I remain puzzled as to why Rick Ross denying things, while bragging about knowing someone featured on America’s Most Wanted. So warped. SMH.

  • Re


    …whole body? I’m scared ;-(

  • ThatGirlLinda

    He sounds real igornorant talking about my homeboy was on America’s Most Wanted.. SMH

  • Envy Me(Colorful Skinnys,Colorful Hi-Tops, Fingerwaves, Doorknockers, Bamboos, Asymmetric Cuts, THE 80's IS SO BACK)

    it is beyond me why he just won’t admit it…..STREET CRED i guess but i mean is it really that serious?????????? MUST BE

  • Aunt Viv


    I imagine his whole body pic looking somewhat walrus-like in both shape and color…

  • WyzePro

    I’m the biggest flop thacha seen thus far…i’m the biggest cop thacha seen thus far….dude actually does look like a black version of the father on family guy…ha ha


    So what if he knows someone on Ameica’s Most Wanted. One of my exes was on America’s Most Wanted and was in a gang and got his face sliced. Guess what, I still grew up sheltered and didn’t know shyt about the real world until I left home at 17. I mean really Rick. A lot of people know people on America’s Most Wanted or Cops. You sound stupid. To me he didn’t even deny it, he just totally avoided it. Ross, it is common knowledge in the M-I Yayo that you were a CO. Are all those people lying? Did you just think it wouldn’t leak out past Miami. N*gga please.

    And we don’t care about you and Foxy either.

  • Aunt Viv

    I bet he’s loving the attention though…maybe we can ignore him and he’ll just disappear?

  • Nikko

    I love the way he danced around giving a direct response. There’s a difference between people being haters and those who are simply telling the truth. Obivously Fat Bastard knows little about the truth, which is why HE’S STILL LYING!

  • Nikko

    @ Aunt Viv,

    It will take a LOT to make that pig disappear.

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