Breezy Acting Giggly, Giddy, And Goofy At LAX

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Chris Brown and Polow Da Don were seen at LAX touching back from a trip to Hawaii, and lil Breezy was cheesin’ something tough and putting on a show for the paps..

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  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 53 DAYS!!! SHANI DAVIS ALL DAY!!!

    Good for him.

  • marie II

    um whos that white man in the background takin his pic lol i knw dam well he aint no fan thats his probation officer huh

  • cherry

    Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at- Agemingle @ c–o–m a nice and free site for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to- interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends.

  • TGIF

    attention ho trying to stay relevant.

  • pynk♥{August Wilson}

    Let the boy be happy. He can’t be miserable forever b/c of a mistake. Some ppl make me laugh. lol



  • Rai

    This boy yeah i said boy needs to grow up. So damn cute but dumb as a door knob.

  • Britt

    He is so childish, He need to grow up.

  • Tianna

    F ya’ll!

    Chris do your thing and stay HAPPY…other miserable creatures go kick rocks!

  • Tianna

    And don’t nothing about him right now looks childish…You’d be happy too if your broke a$$ had the money to go to Hawaii, lmao!

  • Elana

    Love Chris. Be happy Chris.

  • Cammie

    He acts like a 12 yr old, I find him annoying and fake, time to pull at the pants…Dangerous Beavers

  • Dont Let the Light Skin Fool You.....I'll F*** You Up

    That dude stays fresh. No lie.

  • http://bossip diva

    If CB gives up the metro sexual look he would be so freggin hot. I can’t deal with the 2in pants, the 2in lenght and the 2in width. One thing I will say about CB is he is metrosexual from the waiste down. Fish like Kanye and Kidd Cuddi are metro’s from head to toe. How can you consider yourself a straight man but you choose to live like a g.a.y one?

  • http://bossip diva

    I have to add you can always see whats in Chris pocket and it’s something wrong with that!!!

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