When The Checks Stop Coming In: J-Lo Leaves Sony And Album Release Is Looking Shady

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Looks like J-Lo threw on her Louboutins and walked out the Sony offices.  According to sources Jennifer Lopez is no longer with the recording company and her album is also in jeopardy.  Details under the hood.

J-Lo and longtime record company Sony Music’s Epic Records have decided to part ways due to mixed feelings regarding the album. There are a few allegations floating around that Jennifer got dropped, but the official statement is that it was a mutual decision for J-Lo and the company to part ways. With Jennifer’s seventh album “Love” finished and ready for release in April this now changes everything.

The big question is will or will it not be released. We say Jenny from the block should just chill out raise her babies and keep the singing to the pro’s.  Poor thang.


  • Sydney™ (Dorothy Height)

    Say it isn’t so, Jenny. Maybe it was the bodysuit. . .

  • dia

    it was prolly all those excessive demands and no talent

  • AlekWekJunkie

    due to lackluster sales, i’m sure they dropped her.

  • Somali Ninga

    after the J-Lo album, things went down hill! oh well…

  • La Mexican AKA Shamerika

    WOW. She has taken demands to the extreme. Im surprised people still want Mariah. Celine didn’t have such high demands and wants every curtain and the whole room to be white and have Ace of Spade in there. I mean, c’mon but I guess it’s what it is. She sure got dropped. Eff all this “mutual decision” bull. J-LO needs to leave singing to the no-talented Rihanna and talented Beyonce who ain’t got no kids.

  • ladyinblue

    It’s not that you have to teach an old dog new tricks with music nowasays (Sade, perfect example!), but if you’re done, you’re just done, and it doesn’t do any good by forcing yourself into the public eye again.

  • ladyinblue

    *nowadays*, stupid computer

  • Somali Ninga

    she “busted her a$$” @ the AMAs to promote that album!! Shawg!!

  • Caramel Cat

    No one is checking for her anymore. She doesn’t have enough musical/singing talent to continue on strong. Before she had the s3x appeal and was flaunting herself out there as THE latina singer/dancer/actress. But now she’s much older, has less s3x appeal and let’s be honest, she could never sing and could barely act. She doesn’t have anything to ‘push’ herself with anymore…

  • tell it like it is...

    J-lo is washed up. Let it go.

  • always knew

    shes’ not that talented…

    I’m not a hater, but it’s the truth..

    once she left Diddy, she was done…

    she was never able to get back on…

  • Miss Vee

    Her heyday is gone…happens to all entertainment celebs after a time–not necessarily a bad thing. She should just be thankful for the long ride she’s had from starting out as a dancer on the Wayans’ “In Living Color” show in the late 80’s/early 90’s to achieving so much success. Time to just chill and fully enjoy family life. :)

  • Mrz.Reed

    J.Lo needs to sit down, and take care of her babies and Skeletor.

    She is getting too old for it!

  • Sydney™ (Dorothy Height)

    I just read that she may be in talks with Island Def Jam. . .Isn’t that where Mariah ended up when she left/was dropped her old label?

  • lol

    Let it be know she was dropped!!!

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