Kobe Bryant Inspires Nike And Aston Martin To Make An Expensive A$$ Sneaker!!!

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After designing that six figure watch last year, we already know that anything with Kobe Bryant’s name attached to it is gonna be EXPENSIVE A$$ SH*T! Well Nike has a new Kobe Bryant x Aston Martin Hyperdunk coming out that starts at $700 a pair. Pop the hood to see the shoe, and the jump Kobe made that inspired it.

Kobe debuted the Nike Hyperdunks by jumping over an Aston Martin, so we guess it’s only right they gave named an Aston Martin edition after him.

This special shoe is like no other and features premium leathers and the Aston Martin logo on the tongue. This shoe is a must have for anyone that is a collector of Hyperdunks and Kobe Bryant shoe.

They’re only making 500 of these — starting at $700 a pair and you know it’s gonna cost more if you wear a large size. Please don’t go broke trying to be like Kobe!



  • http://bossip.com YES, they deserved to die, and i hope they burn in hell!!

    F*U*C*K them ugly a*s*s shoes…

  • NIsha

    I love Kobe!

  • Veronica

    Thats ish was crazzzy!!!

  • Somali Ninga

    that’s stupid!! i like wearing my Shaqs :P

  • missfinest1

    F*U*C*K them ugly a*s*s shoes…


  • nolia.slim

    Dayumnn… I’m not paying my rent and child support next month. Gotta cop those!!

  • Alrighty Then... (Barbara Jordan)

    Go Kobe! I love you hun! :)

  • lani3000

    Them joints are hittin!

  • Eye

    WOW – Kobe I am now a fan

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    $700 for those? Ok Kobe,do your ting & keep landing those deals.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen


  • susie

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  • T-MAC

    That jump was not real and those shoes are fugly regardless of the price tag.

  • beyonce_alicia10

    oh please kobe TRY AGAIN…SMDH to some of yall who’s willing to be in the streets and begging for my change for these ugly azz shoes

  • 666

    damn thats hot!

    but how are the nigrs so posed to be able to ford dem??

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