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Here’s a sneak peek of Ashanti’s interview with Page Six Magazine where she opens up about her career, future wedding plans and her respect for Rihanna:

On finding it hard to watch artists like Fergie and Rihanna fill her void:

“I’d hear a song on the radio and wish mine was next. But I respect a lot of the artists who’ve come along since I was out, especially Rihanna. She’s smart and she’s worked the business instead of having the business work her.”

Back in action now, Ashanti is even more driven, and not just with career. Having two children with her boyfriend and fellow artist Nelly, she says thoughts are turning to marriage.

“I’ve been planning my wedding in my head since I was a little girl, and it just keeps getting more elaborate. I’m a huge fan of the Caribbean, so if I don’t get married in New York, it would have to be on the beach.”

We’re assuming that when Page Six mentions the she and Nelly have two kids together, they’re referring to his son and daughter from a previous relationship But then again, she was unusually chubby at some point a few years back.



  • cockblocka

    ONEce again it’s on!

  • cockblocka

    I’d give her TWO alright!

  • Aunt Viv

    When was this interview conducted, ‘cuz the rumor goin’ round now (I think 6figgaz mentioned it yesterday on the Nelly thread) was that he was dating Joss Stone now…

    Well, she looks good on this cover…

  • k.k

    3rd..she can never get tot he level rhi rhi is on..sorri

  • k.k

    dam this slow as computer!!!

  • chloe

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  • Jha Jha

    Ashanti looks cute.

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  • Kesha

    She WAS out the game for a minute, and she was pregnant. After i didn’t see no pics of her and no baby, i assumed she just did what they always do and got rid of it. But Nelly does have more than two kids, i think its four to be exact. You’d never assume their relationship was THAT serious where she’s discussing marriage. They’re never really seen together out and about too much. Oh well…good luck to them.

  • num1dominicano

    I love her…

  • Kesha

    @ Slim

    back in 2006, rumors on the internet (mediatakeout, sister2sister and others) were reporting that she was pregnant. Her and Nelly were dating back then. Soon after, thats when she left the game for a while. But i’ve never seen pics of the baby nor have they ever mentioned anything about it. Sooo, i ont know.

  • Man, I just don't care

    I LOVE ASHANTI. We will get married one day. Nelly be damned…

  • SWEET CHEEKS((Makes the people say Yeeeaaaa))

    @ IM JUST ME…

    Im with you on that, cause I never knew she had ANY kids… WTH?????

  • Lady Architect

    Doesn’t Nelly have 4 children and I thought the rumor with Ashanti being pregnant was not true? If she really was then they did a job hiding like Janet. I still think she had a child with el debarge. Anyways the cover is nice and I doubt she high on the charts cause that album didn’t do so well.

  • Kaydee

    maybe she has twins with nelly

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