Sad News For Marie Osmond… After Years Of Depression, Son Jumps To His Death

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Can there possibly be anything worse than dealing with the death of your child? We really feel for entertainer Marie Osmond right now. Osmond is coping with loss of her son, Michael Blosil, who committed suicide last night. Details on the flipside.

Osmond family members have notified ET that Marie Osmond’s son Michael Blosil leapt to his death Friday night in Los Angeles. Contacted by phone this morning, Donny Osmond tells us: “Please pray for my sister and her family.”

Here are the details: Michael, who was in his late teens and is one of Marie’s eight children, died after jumping from his downtown Los Angeles apartment at about 9 p.m. on Friday night. He left a note explaining he intended to commit suicide due to his life-long battle with severe depression that left him, he said, feeling as if he had no friends and could never fit in.

We’re told that his mother Marie, who helped him fight the condition throughout his life, is devastated by the loss. Donny and Marie’s Las Vegas show has been canceled tonight.

So sad! He was so young. Depression is a very serious illness — people often try to brush it off or act as if those who suffer from depression are simply being dramatic about their problems, but its a very real issue. If you know anyone who you think might be depressed, please encourage them to seek help from a professional.




  • hmmm

    This is sad. Marie herself has suffered from depression. My prayers are with her and her family.

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Fingernails Took The Oath

    I wouldn’t want to be famous or have fame’s wealth for anything in the world. The entertainment industry is the devil’s playground. I rebuke you, satan in the name of Jesus. May God rest his troubled soul.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Wow! Even though I’m not too fond of the Osmonds,I do feel bad for her & can only imagine how she & the family feels from such loss :(

    Her dad died a few yrs ago too,sad.


  • Hannibal


  • Butterflyj30


  • mimoo

    what kills me is that people are gonna look at this and think it’s just a WHITE issue
    but it’s a HUMAN issue and people need to do better taking care of their MINDS as well as their bodies.
    NOTHING about you can be right if you’re not emotionally healthy.

  • Sarah

    Tragic. She will be in my prayers.

  • Marquis de Sade v2.0

    RIP, damn. That goes to show you that money and fame can’t end depression.

  • 1man2people

    depression isn’t usually curable its something you usually live w/ but there are many ways to suppress it positively

  • Just Bored

    You never really heard scandal about this family. They stayed grounded through all the fame and fortune. Praying for Marie and her family.

  • Hey HEy

    Aye me… I promise depression is so very serious. I pray for her sanity and the family. Also for Keonig’s family too… RIP

  • MzJae

    @ BLUEJJ

    The bible says tho shall not kill and that is in regards not just to other people but to yourself. God does not want you to take another person life let alone your life. So, yes. It is a sin. An then, we do not know that person religious background. We dont know if he has confessed his sins to God. But just pray that he went to a better place.

  • lynn

    My thoughts and prays go out to the Marie and family. I truly understand their pain I lost a nephew to suicide in 2006.
    Depression is no joke. I suffer from depression (bipolar) and i can tell you it can be managed with the right type of people behind you. Yes at times you feel alone but love gets you through the pain.

    It is true that Anti-depressant medication is used to control depression but when individuals start to have suicidal thoughts it has moved from mild depression to severe depression and anti-depressant medication will not help. I have went through every cycle and i finally got the disease under control. I was anti-depressant medication and then went to medication that clearly is used to manage bipolar and i am now stable.

    Everyone should become aware and educated on the characteristics of this disease because this can help you save a friend of family member. Unfortunately it was too late for my family.

  • MsConsciousOne

    @BlueJJ…we are all born free and perfect, we end up with layers of stinking thinking due to our enviornment/family. God is not in the sky keeping score, we judge ourselves daily because God is within all of us and always has been. However, we get to choose whethere we want to have a realtionship or not. Basically, we are in one of two states every second of our lives, giving love or crying for love. A cry for love aka fear, resembles anger, negativity, so-called sin, depression, etc. Only hurt folks want to others to hurt, that’s a serious cry for love. As for folks who are gay or whatever, it’s not up to us to judge if it’s right or wrong, we are to merely to love everyone as Jesus loved us. The more love we give away, the more love we keep for ourselves, since we keep what we give away. I hope this helps.

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