New Music: Rihanna “Say Goodbye”

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Flip the script to listen to Rihanna’s new track “Say Goodbye,” read what Matt Kemp has to say on their relationship, and peep more pics..

Hartman: Did you buy [Rihanna] a diamond necklace?

Kemp: (laughter) Come on, guys. Y’all are killing me, man.

Myers: It’s his business … [but] Are you guys dating? Can you clarify that?

Kemp: That’s just a good friend of mine.

Myers: Oh, OK.

Kemp: A very very good friend of mine. And we enjoy hanging out with each other and we’re just having fun.

Hartman: Now is she a baseball fan or…As friends what kind of common interests do you have?

Kemp: She’s a great person that loves to watch basketball. She likes basketball.

Hartman: And you’re a basketball guy, we know that…So you go to games together? You go to Laker games and stuff like that?

Kemp: Yeah, I’ve been to a couple games.

Myers: How did you two meet?

Kemp: How did we meet? (laughter) I thought we were talking about baseball, guys.

Myers: Well, we can. Now Matt you have to be realistic. Look at Lamar Odom. If you’re gonna date somebody who is as attractive, talented, and widely recognized…

Hartman: She’s an amazing girl.

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  • Somali Ninga

    This song sux!!!
    RItard should quit her mediocore music!!!

  • !!!!!


  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Matt refers to her as a very,very good friend huh?lol
    These 2 are too funny! They were so shameless for those Mexico vaca pix that were taken of them a couple of months back but all of the sudden are trying to be so “mysterious?” What-ever!

    & even though I’m Rihanna fan,this song is weak! Major yawn,sorry.

  • Glok... Amerikkkaz Blk Hitler ! !


  • Glok... Amerikkkaz Blk Hitler ! !


  • sugar

    still with that RAPIST??

  • wadeswoman

    Horrible! Just awful!! Please post songs of KeKe Wyatt. Now that is talent!

  • jjj

    I love you Rihanna…. beautiful song.
    LOL at Matt… people stay trying to find out about him and Rih. Matt did a good job in not giving away too much info.

  • GTFOH with the dumb

    if you are selectively stopping comments that’s a shame…less hits for you.

  • kelly

    oh No

  • JFckery

    Rihanna needs to SAY GOODBYE to the music industry and stick to modeling. SMH.

  • hjgg

    this is NOT new.

  • uk_girl1

    that song was a demo 4 good girl gone bad. Get ur facts straight!

  • babez802

    before i even read the article or the comments i just wana put out there SAY GOODBYE IS CHRIS BROWN SONG CAN NOT BE REPLACED she should give it a new title!

  • babez802

    sry i just had to say

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