What In Sports Bra Weaved Up Hell Is Ci-Error Rocking???

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Ciara was in the building for Mariah Carey’s official End Of Tour Party at Haze Nightclub in Vegas last night bare bellied and toned up. Her body has been on point but her fits need some work.

More pics on the flippy of Ciara and Mariah on the party scene.

Damn MiMi can you breathe???


  • lisa1234

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  • http://www.theperfectmemorial.com www.The Perfect Memorial.com

    What’s the problem?

    I like it – best she’s looked in a long time.
    Hope more follows the trend…bring it back to 1994 peeps!


  • Global Dominion

    I’m surprised she got in. You know Mariah doesn’t want a younger, nice-figured girl anywhere near her SPOTLIGHT loving a/s/s.
    leave Ci-Error alone, maybe that’s from her new workout line..LOL

  • always knew

    she looks fine..leave her alone..

  • Miss Ace

    what’s wrong with Ciara? She looks fine to me.

  • cocoa49

    She looks good except for that thing hanging on back of her head. For her stake, i hope having a toned fit body will help her sell her next album since that is all people seem to praise her for.

  • Nads

    Where is Ciera’s stylist? If she does have a stylist then he/she needs to be fired.

  • Somali Ninga

    Look @ her hair!! wat a mess! 2 difference colours and textures! SMH

  • Drad

    Ciara Looked Cute Quit hating

  • E

    Ciara body is banging….

  • Fantasy~Reloaded~

    Ciara looks fine, but Mariah on the other hand….

  • http://bossip.com daone

    YALL ARE JUST HATING!!!! ciara was fine now mariah thats who yall should talk bout!

  • lakaina

    i like her except for the breast implants.

  • Whaaaa

    Oh to be a celebrity. Just can’t EVER go anywhere like regular folk. Must carry stylist entourage at all times. Leave people alone.

  • WTF!

    nuttin wrong wid Ciara shes bangin der trus me,,,”HAAAAATERS” go get another Big mac n keep cryin

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