Rihanna’s #1 Fan Passed Away A Month Ago And Jasmina’s Mom Hasn’t Heard From Rihanna Not Once!!!

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Last month we told you that Rihanna’s #1 fan, Jasmina Amena, lost the battle to leukemia. Since Jasmina’s passing, not once has Rihanna reached out to Jasmina’s mother. She is highly pissed and decided to put Rihanna on blast via Twitter….

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Damn… That’s pretty harsh. Maybe Rihanna doesn’t really know how to deal with death but whatever the case may be, this is definitely not a good look!!!


  • Jade Silver


  • Tam Tam


  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    Call that spade a spade. Shame on that devil worshipping wh oring hungry “I want it all” skag. I would have love to been a fly on the wall of that guy that dicovered her… moving that young tramp in with him and his wife.

  • Maeve

    That’s gonna hurt *ouch!* when Rihanna reads that. Her P.R. team is probably working things out right now.

  • lucky charm

    harsh. stil love riri

  • DreTruth

    well she is in the world and she is full of it – don’t take it to heart mother she is a entertainer and it may have been for entertainment – just move along and don’t take what rihanna hasn’t done yet. Pray for her and move on.

  • Alrighty Then... (can never go to another male revue in LIFE!)

    wow… IDK what to say about this… the Rih-Rih bashers will have a field day, and the supporters will run to her aid. All I can say is, it’s ALL about PR, period. But I do think that she or SOMEONE on her staff could have sent a condolence card at least…

  • redbonekillbill

    RIP and my prayers go out them but Twitter? And if RiRi did use Jasmina as a publicity stunt that’s on her, but the purpose was to make us aware, especially black folks aware to donate marrow so I’d say though this child’s life is now with God the ending goal was reached.

    My sister died 8 years ago to leukemia. None of us where a match. Get out there and donate ya’ll.

  • Lynn

    Truth be told, Rihanna could set a small child on fire, and some people would still say she’s workin’ it and her reign won’t stop.


    She could have sent flowers and a card to the funeral but this probably wouldn’t give her the amount of publicity she craves.

  • ...

    Her daughter just died and all she is worried about is Rihanna. Her twitter message is nothing more than a publicity stunt. She will probably try to sue next.

  • No beans about it

    Moms cant be taking this seriously rhianna is a kid herself.You gotta know this is show biz.All celebs are fake and only do things to make themselves look good.

  • MochaLove

    Damn. Yes. Rihanna used a terminally ill child for publicity! She’ll get it back in some form or fashion … she better get right.

  • JumpoFF

    They all fake. Good Publicity. Her funeral or day she died (not Sure) was the day of the Grammys and not one of them visited the Fam. Smh.

  • juliemango

    Pot callin the kettle black!!! who was the fan??? condolescences is all the mom needed.(ri ri prolly needed more time to respond)

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