Zoe Kravitz Explains Her Trashy Steez: ‘My Style Is Influenced By My Father And The Little Rascals’

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We all know that Zoe Kravitz cleans up beautifully when she (or somebody’s makeup/hair stylist/wardrobe stylist) puts some effort in, so it was a pleasure to see her in a recent magazine spread not only looking gorgeous and flawless but also explaining why she likes walking around looking like a dirty runaway most of the time. Pop the hood for her exact words and some beautiful pictures.

Here’s Zoe in the March issue of InStyle:

My style is influenced by my father [Lenny Kravitz] — and The Little Rascals . I watched it all the time when I was younger. It’s the reason I love wearing clothes that are all tattered and worn.

At least there’s some method to her madness.

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