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Apparently Sherri Shepherd has been getting on Barbara Walter’s last nerve:

“Barbara has had it with her,” said the source. “Barbara was shocked that Sherri would say she needs to be ’saved’. She’s dumbfounded by the stupid things that keep coming out of Sherri’s mouth…

Barbara has been saying that Sherri’s a “loose cannon,” added the source. “And after hearing what she said to a Christian magazine, word came back from Barbara that she wants to boot her off the show.“Barbara thinks Sherri has become far worse of a problem than Star Jones and Rosie’s O’Donnel when they were on the show – and that’s saying a lot!”

While Barbara is ready to see Sherri move on from “The View,” insiders say it’s unlikely there will be a dramatic firing.“Barbara may first give her a chance to shape up before shipping her out… “And if Barbara does let Sherri go, expect a fun farewell with the whole gang saying only nice things about Sherri in public.”

They need to put up with Sherri’s simple ass a little while longer. Her nutty antics are good for ratings. But on the real, isn’t high time that the old corpse consider hanging it up?



  • LdyK

    who cares….about allof the above. this is soooooo lame.

  • Doagae

    I’m thinkin’ ol Barb is the common denominator here….seems like she got a problem with anybody that does not agree with her old triflin ideals…..


    Did Barbara know Sheri before she hired her??

    This is who she is..she should watch a few episodes of Comic View.

    And isn’t it time for Barbara to check into a retirement home what is she waiting for, her heart to stop on camera

  • Afiya

    Sherri is ‘special’…this chick needs to medicated at all times…why you get on national tv and tell the world you’ve ‘had so many abortions you’ve lost count’…wtf?

  • ms braided beauty chicagos own and loving it

    Barb Walters needs to sit the hell down and stfu with all the lies she done told, saying a loose cannon she is a simpleton and knows when ever you have black n white you will have different views and she knows that that is how put it out there for controversy!!

  • WyzePro was your weekend?

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    I couldn’t care less if Sherri got the boot. She is an embarrasment.

  • N.S

    Sherri was in the wrong for saying Barbara needed to be saved (it wasn’t a joke, IMO). I can’t stand it when people who’ve done a lot of foul things in the past find God and then think everyone of a different faith is less than them. Apparently when they were saved, tolerance went out the window.

  • Just Sayin

    Sherri needs MEDS stat!


    And isn’t it time for Barbara to check into a retirement home what is she waiting for, her heart to stop on camera



  • Ermy Erm (its gone be a hunnid degrees today!)

    it was ok..went to the Black Women’s expo….heard Bernie Mac died, came here and see he still alive

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  • new2this

    is it barbra’s show?? does she have the say so in who stays and goes??

  • Jahpson

    Sherri has proved time and time again how stupid she is. get her off the show please!

  • ms braided beauty chicagos own and loving it


  • Earth Sign (Wake up black zombies!!)

    Who cares?

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