Chilli’s New Reality Show Is Coming April 11th: “WHAT CHILLI WANTS” In A Man May Not Exist!!!

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It’s hard to believe that a woman like Chilli would have a hard time finding love but then again when you look at what she’s been with then you see why. She is definitely not up for the bullsh*zzz and all she wants is a man that is GORGEOUS, SENSITIVE, VERY CHARMING. He can’t DRINK, SMOKE and EAT PORK.DAYYUMM!!!

Flip the Lid for a Peek at “WHAT CHILI WANTS” Trailer…

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Alrighty then Floyd… Put a Ring on It!!! How many of you will be watching???


  • Her Karma=His Redemption

    Still Hot…you rock it girl…

  • Somali Ninga

    Missy Elliot- Date Jesus

  • Matix B Gaza Mi Sa

    I am with her on the no pork eating thing. No pork on my fork!

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    Ok Chilli…I feel you. BUT PORK??? I will never understand what people have against it (unless it’s for religious resasons).

  • The "Original" Brown Hornet

    I got a job now, but since I love pork I’ll have to stick with the OTHER white meat…

  • Matix B Gaza Mi Sa

    Samoli, your new avatar is fierce!

  • Matix B Gaza Mi Sa

    @TheOriginalBlkBarbie In many cultures and religions pork is viewed as unclean and should not be eaten, also in Christianity the devil is told to be cast into the pigs body. I believe in Rastafari so pork is a definite no!

  • Torrie

    I’ve always been a fan! I’m tuning in. I’m loving her hair color by the way.

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    *reasons (correction from my last post)

    @Matix…I hear you. I know that pork is considered unclean in many religions across the world (that’s why I specified for religious reasons). I am a Christian, but I do eat pork; however, I know many Christians that do not. It all depends on various interpretations of the Bible. To each his own, but I love pork lol. :)

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    Some people have no particular religious affiliation but they don’t eat pork. That puzzles me, but maybe it’s for health reasons or other reasons that I don’t understand. I am a very health-conscious person, but I just limit my pork intake. I don’t think I could cut it out altogether.


    chili is he poster girl for the delusional woman of the new millinium….armed with a xmas list of traits they demand in men, they roam the earth looking for fantasy mates while avoiding their own shortcomings. A life spent in a hall of mirrors, surrounded by sycophants who are as misguided as they are , its a game of emotonal pin the tail on the donkey played by blind little girls.

  • Matix B Gaza Mi Sa

    @TheOriginalBlkBarbie Like you said to each their own, consider this; do you really have to have a man that fits your specifications to a tee? Or would eating pork if you don’t be a deal breaker?

  • Alihma


    nah you got it twisted..a real woman know what she wants && will not settle for less than what she deserves..Little girl thinking…nah little girls are the ones allowing men to treat them n act however the got it twisted!

  • K3BABY

    Damn Chili that would be my husband he does not drink, smoke or eat pork…and he is dark and handsome…sorry boo he is alread taken….


    i bet this is VH1s piece of work. i never know it was so easy to get a tv show.

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