Twitter Files: C. Breezy Is THIS Your Chick???

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C.Breezy sure loves the HOES! First he got snapped in Miami with Rhea, then we found out about longtime cutbuddy Alycia Bellamy and of course there’ll always be the biggest freak of all — Rihanna. Now rumor has it that Chris Brown has been flying in a PYT to spend time with him. It doesn’t help that homegirl is a “video vixen” and King and Show Magazine model who is so thirsty for attention her Twitter page is filled with subliminals about their relationship. Pop the hood to read her juicy tweets and have a look at her cakes too.

From what we can tell this girl doesn’t care about much beyond her Louboutin’s and some dirty martinis — and getting her butt licked by Breezy.

This Pennsylvania single mother (she has a young son) is friendly with plenty of celebs including our favorite Cheetah ho, Fabolous, Irv Gotti and NFL’er Darrell Reavis, just to name a few. She’s been romantically linked to Lil Wayne in the past and our sources in PA tell us she got her start as a stripper at Delilah’s the same spot Amber Rose kicked off her career!

So is this Chrissypoo’s new love, just another jumpoff or someone who wants us to think she’s down with Brown???


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  • Benzoe88

    dark females cant keep up with the mixed & light skinned black girls lol

    • charlene


  • Cha Cha

    Let those girls be the hoes that they are and let them deal with those worthless black (African-American) men. No matter how much money black men make or how great they think they are, black men will still be less than. They ain’t running sh** and someone else is ALWAYS taking care of their future legacy. Let them ruin the next group of females and just move on.

    Sistahs STOP wasting time wondering and asking why they choose who they want to be with. Non-black men in American out number black men by leaps and bounds.

    Stop fishing in the sewer and cast your net in the ocean!!!!!!

  • hoffa jr.2010 and wining

    baby find azz hell but c.breeze to young fam come to detroit were the reallove at.

  • Uugh

    She sounds really really stupid in each and everyone of her tweets. Grow up lil girl b4 your puss is stretched aaaallll the way out.

  • WTF

    WTF is this bullshit?! Why is she spreading all this to everybody? I really don’t give a damn who is lickin yo azz! This sound like another Natalie nunn, just want some attention. She sounds really stupid because even if you had a chance with CB I think she just ruined it by putting all of their buisness out..if it’s true. But anyway ppl was just goin on her on Twitter. I don’t kno if this is true or not but I doubt cb want a relationship with her especially since she already got a kid! Smh

  • tee

    Since when did this become a skin-color thing?
    Please don’t prove your ignorance and jealousy like that. you’re in PUBLIC. lol

    the girl is dumb, and she’s a freak, but i’m sure her brains are in the same place as the rest of us, and not in her skin.

  • tras

    rihanna looks better, why do celebs love these average looking chics

  • tras

    and does she have lazy-eyes or is that her
    s e xy face?

  • real black is chocolate

    C.Breezy anti black too so who gives a f’ck

  • real black is chocolate

    Cha Cha




  • Josey

    Please, he’s just having fun. I think this chic is just seeking attention.

  • real black is chocolate

    And all these fake azz nikkaz are mixed/light-skinned. They should go back to white ppl leave my african-american culture alone!

    my beautiful chocolate/dark-skinned black women stop eat this bullsh’t!

    real dark-skinned black men love dark-skinned black women!

  • Killa

    Yo this chick is looking for attention just like that Natalie Nunn girl. Chris is just having fun. She’s a booty call to him and she’s real dumb for puttin out all their business cause now all that flying to VA ain’t gonna happen as much lol.

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