Oprah Softballs Lil Licia Keys, No Hard Questions For “Most Charitable” Homewrecker

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Alicia Keys went on Oprah’s show Friday and just as we expected, there was no grilling involved!!!

We all know Alicia wants to keep her Mother Teresa image and deserves recognition for her “Keep A Child Alive” charitable work, but as next in line to be Swizz Beatz wife, she’s also at the middle of one of the entertainment biz’s messiest divorces. We couldn’t help but notice Oprah ain’t say shizz about ‘Licia’s engagement, even though she’s probably on that “exclusive” wedding guestlist. Pop the hood to watch!

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Sorry Sophia, but even the prospect of a Prince Alicia Keys pairing doesn’t distract from the fact you forgot to ask the questions we actually give a fu*k about!!!

Normally Oprah gets all up in folks business, she even gets super nosy with BeyBey, so how come Alicia’s interview was a piece of cake???

These two are clearly on the ‘Friends and Family’ plan!

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