BDR Straps The Jimmy On Extra Tight When Smashing These Young Hoes

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While making his rounds in LA for Oscar weekend Russell Simmons dropped a “Magnum” Trojan Condom when he was exiting The Cove. Hmmm

Check the details on the flip.

As he walked to valet, Russell obviously didn’t know he dropped the contraceptive and kept it moving. An onlooker quickly grabbed up the condom before anyone else noticed. This all happened while Uncle Russ was standing next to Kimora who is also in town for the Oscars.

At least we know BDR ain’t stupid enough to knock someone up. SMH @ the condom being a Magnum?!? Last we heard good ole Russy was NOT packin in the man meat department…


  • LeahLeah

    bwahaha @ “not packing in the man, meat department”

  • http://. dance1233

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  • bklynlady

    A Magnum? Yeah right! That was planned….Uncle Russ does not look like he has the long strong…

  • swirlsociety

    its a very good pick up line, no words needed anyone check the expiry date on that wrapper might be a few years old.

    the girl will get home and go oh shoot that aint a magnum oh well seeing as you i’m all revved up we may as well go through with it lol

  • blackguys

    People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect. They defend our country and safeguard our policy. Join, show your love and respect to our military heroes.

  • Jamillah

    As old as he is, it figures that he would know all the tricks. He dropped a “pick up” line without saying a word. The only thing magnum about Russy is his ego.

  • russydoesnotlikep_ss_y

    The magnum must have been for one of his prospective lovers

    I know you like big wood Russy

  • Whaaaa

    Why does she have to be a HOE? No respect at all.

  • shavondenise

    He might start off a Lifestyle dude but end up a Magnum dude! Lol, I havent seen much of a print in the countless beach Yoga sessions either but you never know.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    lmao anyways some guys swear they fill out those large size condoms even though they ain’t packing like that but I guess it makes them feel better about themselves as well as strokes their already tiny ego lol.

  • rain

    Damm Kimora changed, A LOt


    Trey Songz told him to hold it for him.
    Even if russ lived a magnum life style, it will have to come packaged with viagra !



  • Kyla

    Well said

  • ***JUDY***

    It looks like uncle Russ has on lipstick.

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