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The derranged “Reverend” has returned. Pastor Manning, A.K.A. Clinton Slave, is giddy than a mutha over Ludacris’ Obama endorsement tune. It’s a wonder this interrupted buffoon can even string together a logical sentence. SMH.


  • Hannibal


  • cns

    It’s not working, again!

  • Dana Dane

    3rd, damn!

  • mojojojo

    @ dana


  • hmmm

    omg, enuff with this disgruntled pastors hating cus they wasnt the 1st to be so close to the white house, or make a change

  • Book Worm

    what did the “good rev” say this time?

  • num1dominicano

    link anyone????

  • I'm Just Me- Bucky Baby's, Hoovy Baby's and Josh Allen's #1 STAN!!!! OH...and Kanye can soooo get it too :)
  • num1dominicano

    @ I’m Just Me

    good lookin’ on that link

  • I'm Just Me- Bucky Baby's, Hoovy Baby's and Josh Allen's #1 STAN!!!! OH...and Kanye can soooo get it too :)

    It is like he purposely refuses to support the man. Is he getting paid by Bill and Hillary because I live in Upstate NY and Hillary ain’t done SHYT for up here so I am like what is he getting out of constantly co-signing for them. Bill has Black Panther friends so Luda better watch out. And wait…I have never heard a Pastor call someone Ugly! WTF kind of shyt is this? If no one else he is supposed to love and embrace all children of God. How do he know what is going on in Mississipi or Pennsylvania. Has he spoken to these people? Isn’t he in NYC how does he even know what is going on Syracuse let alone Mississipi. He has been waiting for this moment. Personally Barack still gets my vote regardless of what Luda said!

  • N.S

    He had the nerve to call Luda ugly?! I’m not even going to comment on the rest of it because he doesn’t make sense. All this is coming from a man that still supports George Bush.

  • Sharpton's perm

    I hate this guy with a passion.

    Isnt he in Harlem? I might take a walk over there and smack the Black off this minstrel.

  • Link9

    @ I’m Just Me

    Thanks for the link. And you should really just pay this fool no mind b/c dude isn’t a real pastor. Even though I don’t have evidents to prove it but come one now…no pastor who be saying these things about or to anyone.

  • Lauren

    I hate this guy also…. why in the world would he impose that Ludacris would “wake up” one day and be like 2 pac shakur???? Nothing he says out of his mouth makes any sense…..

  • Book Worm

    SMH @ Rev Manning for saying Luda better watch himself before he ends up like Tupac Shakur!

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