Does Common Help To Soften Serena’s Image???

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Common and Serena Williams were coupled up in LA over Oscar weekend.  According to onlookers Common paid major attention to Serena and she appeared to be just as into him.

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Sources say that Common and Serena couldn’t get enough of each other at Haven360’s party to celebrate “Precious” director Lee Daniels. The two chatted closely with each other and were later seen walking out of the party with his hand on her back, rushing to open doors for her.

With Serena being so openly affectionate in her relationship with Common it definitely showcases a softer side of her that we haven’t seen before. That’s a good look.


  • ms louisiana stand up

    good for them , she should be happy

  • Pootypoo

    Aaahhhh…black love is a beautiful thing!

  • http://. nanakissingyu

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  • WhatAWorld

    Damn,didn’t even recognize her(excluding the arms).Still with Common huh,I won’t hate!

  • whooping crane on crack

    she should be forced to marry a bigamist african since she built them a school and is taking care of them.

    common should be talking to her about building a school for little troubled black boys right in chicago.

  • Soul Touch

    Just because Serena is built (beautifully), doesn’t mean she’s any less woman.

    She looks great here.

  • memchee

    the hair makes her look a little trannish.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Serena’s dress is gorgeous. She’s almost glowing, she looks so beautiful.

  • Carlisa

    Where’s her stylist? The dress needed to sit a bit higher and lift her boobs. Also, the armpits = Epic Fail

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    Serena looks good but her dress needs to fit better. It doesn’t flatter her body. In other words, the dress is wearing her instead her WEARING the dress.

  • Pansy

    Serena is on a level of her own. She does not need Common too make her look like a woman.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    She looks beautiful, but I agree with Carlisa, her twins should have been lifted higher and then she would have looked amazing with a bit of cleavage.

  • Divine

    That heffa is my hero! LOL!!
    Hate on her if you want to.


    That is one UGLY dress LOL

  • Homie

    if he don’t…I will glady take her!

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