Which One Would You Wife???: Ludacris New Boo vs. Monica

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Fab, Ludacris’ new boo, and his cousin Monica made an appearance at his album release party in Atlanta at the Velvet Room this past Sunday. Monica being the diva that she is, is always changing up her ‘do but between the two, we want to know…

Which One Would You Wife???

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  • shut ur pie hole

    monica looks very nice


    I am so happy for Luda.

  • Matix B Gaza Mi Sa

    Both look banging! Go MO!


    I am so happy for Luda. He’s always rolling solo, he deserves a good women. I hope she can go low.

  • Matix B Gaza Mi Sa

    He got shorty after he fixed his grill, now he looks decent ! GO LUDA put a ring on that one!

  • NENE

    Get a life Matix

  • pwetty

    luda’s girl is pretty, he has good taste. i like monica with long hair

  • Somali Ninga

    the redbone w/ long hair!!!

  • The Third Eye

    Monica because I know she has a job (or royalty checks). I ain’t tryna be the only one with cash flow in a marriage…


    Monica stays fly! Luda’s chick needs a stylist QUIK.

  • Elana

    Beautiful ladies.

  • http://www.blackiz.biz tiray

    What? People still marry these days? Are people THAT stupid?

    Oh well! Suffer! Hey…someone has to!

  • jdmann

    Monica…and a prenup


  • http://. annayan

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  • Young Obama

    Luda’s girl with the Camel. Not even close.

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