Twitter Files: Has Ron Artest Lost His Mind??? Or Is He Just In Need Of Some Attention???

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Ron Artest must’ve gotten sick of Kobe and Lamar getting all the attention because if this ish on his head doesn’t scream “HEY LOOK AT ME!!!!” we don’t know what does. Pop the hood for more info and pictures of the weird cut.

Hollyweird must be getting to Ron Artest, because the Lakers star doesn’t speak a lick of Hebrew, Hindi or Japanese but this genius went and got “Defense” shaved into his head (which he dyed blonde) in those three foreign languages.

The worst part? Artest did his research on Twitter to find out the words. We don’t know if we’d be that trusting!!!

Despite the spirited haircut, the Lakers still lost to Orlando yesterday… 96-94!

Is Artest’s haircut symbolic of his dedication to the game? Or just another distraction?



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