Katt Williams Facing $1 Million Lawsuit Over Dog Attack

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Katt Williams’ troubles with the law are continuing to add up.

As previously reported Katt was arrested in November for burglary and trespassing, detained by police at Wal-mart in December and faced a $230,000 lawsuit later that month.

Now he’s being sued again for allegedly threatening to kill a man if he pressed charges against him for a dog attack.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, recording studio owner Marion Joseph Powers has filed a lawsuit against Katt claiming that the comedian instructed his dog to bite his while he recorded comedy in his studio.

Court documents claim that Williams and his bodyguards came to Powers’ studio in October. Williams brought along his dog and allegedly gave it an “attack signal” instructing it to bite the other man’s animal, leaving it with injuries.

Powers claims when the two decided to meet in a hotel in November to discuss the incident he was bullied into not pressing charges by Williams. He says he was forced to sit in a chair by Williams, his bodyguards and the dog he says was “snarling” in front of him.

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  • crz

    Katt got that little dude’s syndrome. It’s always the shortest dude threating to kill somebody or something. That’s why he got that big a*s dog (and why he STAYS strapped) in the 1st place.

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  • Hannibal


  • Maevelove

    SMH. Katt is so talented, sorry2hear about his troubles.

  • Human Racist

    @ Maevelove

    he is? i was not aware of that…

  • kalifa.williams@yahoo.co.uk

    that’s one obedient dog……mine wont even $hit where i tell him to


    Dang Kat whats with all the drama


    Take your a.s.s on tour somewhere and make money.

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  • shut ur pie hole

    hey hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • always knew


  • i was thinkin that to

    i wonder what Hannibal looks like ,,,,prob fine

  • misslopes

    yeah..right..so what?

    is it so hard to have money and NOT do stupid stuff??? please!

  • Queen R

    OMG! What in the world is happening to people? They start making a little money and suddenly all hell breaks loose. I remember seeing Katt Wms at the start of his career, he was humble then; boy has he changed. He looks like a cut throat, my brother said; not me!

  • shut ur pie hole

    oh please

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