Another Day, Another Lawsuit

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Mary is about to have some legal woes:

Mary J. Blige is facing a $2 million federal suit claiming music on her most recent No. 1 album, “Growing Pains,” was stolen. Producer Theron (NEEF-U) Feemster wrote the music for the song “Work That,” but the tune is owned by Dream Family Entertainment Inc., according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court. The court filing claims the New York-based firm never gave Blige, Feemster or Geffen Records, the distributor, rights to use the song.

“Mr. Feemster created the music while he was under contract with Dream Family. Dream Family then owned the music, yet the music was used without permission in a Mary J. Blige release recording,” said Dream lawyer Brian Caplan.

“It was released as an album, a single and in a commercial,” Caplan said. Rights to the lyrics of the song – which was featured with Blige in an iPod commercial – are not in question. Caplan said it was unclear if Blige knew the music belonged to someone other than Feemster, and said the producer “had no rights to the music he used.”

That’s pretty much how it goes down in the music industry. Mary ain’t stuntin no measley 2 Million anyway..



  • Shomondo (DRAMA FREE)

    huh? 2nd?

  • Shomondo (DRAMA FREE)


  • I'm Just Me- Bucky Baby's, Hoovy Baby's and Josh Allen's #1 STAN!!!! OH...and Kanye can soooo get it too :)

    I am sure she will be okay!

    Gwan Mary with your bad self.

  • I'm Just Me- Bucky Baby's, Hoovy Baby's and Josh Allen's #1 STAN!!!! OH...and Kanye can soooo get it too :)

    This sounds like another get rich quick scheme…




    NO, not the jack move.

  • Emerald

    I know I’mma catch heat for this one, but I stopped liking her after Share My World, she’s lame.

  • Afiya

    Dang Mary, you gotta work that out honey…you know how the game is played…you been in it long enough!

  • Aunt Viv

    I’m not feeling the music industry right now…

  • bree

    ok so why are they suing Mary? she is not the one who stole the track, the producer is responsible.. GTFOH.. sue the people responsible, money-hungry schemer

  • Jade715

    Mary has money, she’ll probably give them more then that and tell the to shut up.

  • Cattyluo

    Who cares. I am not a fan of hers. I saw her profile at milllionaire datiing site called——“M i l l i o n a i r e 4 m e .c o m”—- last week. What kind of relationship is she looking for on that site?

  • pm

    She will not have to pay that, the label will. Also the inhouse producer that got her that track will more then likely be fired. That’s the reason independent songwriters should never send their songs to these shady ass labels, mess around and hear your music on tv lol. 2 mil is nothing to them but that is everything to that writer.

  • HealZooHealth

    Chump Change for Mary…

    Lose those Thunder Thighs only @

  • champaignkisses2012

    copywrite your ish people. When will we learn?

  • lolo127


    KEEP IT MOVEING MARY,,,,,,,,,,,,

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