Twitter Files: Ochocinco Goes In On ESPN Radio Personality Colin Cowherd

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Chad Ochocinco had some words for ESPN radio personality Colin Cowherd who insulted the Bengals player on his show.

Pop the top for the details.

He took to his twitter page and went in on the on air personality calling him an extra for Lord of The Rings and urging him to take Extenze male enhancers:

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  • charlieblanko

    First…f*cka a collin. All white guys of his ilk are secretly racist.

  • Dingaline King

    Colin is tripped out, he be just talkin sh!t bout errybody.

  • 2Sweet

    Damn he let him have it. Speak your mind baby boy!

  • doboys

    That’s good, they always hide behind that mike like his brother Ahole “Russsh” and just run their month how lucky are they to get paid to run their mouth, is that a real Job? Go Ocho tweet some more of them.

  • Somali Ninga

    Colins needs a Ho Sit Down!

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    Thats right Chad .. tell that racist fu-k off jerk off!!

  • JMG

    Chad shut him down. DAMN

  • http://. sweety213

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  • real black is chocolate

    Chad my nikka!

    pu$$y azz crackers need stfu!!

  • Micaron715

    The problem is that Colin has a lot of Rush Limbaugh in him. He race baits too frequently. He does not mention that Bernie Kosar and Jack Clark filed bankruptcy after long professional careers. Also, Colin was not on the air today.

  • white male

    what did colin say about chad?

  • Only Idiots Use MsgBoards

    Show’s how much you fools know. Collin Cowherd used to be married to a blk woman and has kids w/her. He might be an A-hole, but all this racist talk is dumb. Just like the folks on this site

  • Mechanical Girl

    I love Chad even more for this. He never held his tongue for n*o*body. I was waiting for somebody to finally tell him off.

  • blackguys

    People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect. They defend our country and safeguard our policy. Join, show your love and respect to our military heroes.

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