Is Nicki Minaj The Music Biz’s Hottest Accessory??? Rapper Hops On “In My Head”

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It’s interesting that Nicki Minaj calls herself a Barbie, since it seems like lately everyone from Mariah Carey to Ludacris has been snatching her up like the flavor of the month. Pop the hood for Nicki’s latest collabo with pop singer Jason Derulo.

Ehhhhhhhhhhh. We don’t know about this one. What do you think? Did Nicki make it hot — or not???


  • BEastboy

    1st booyah

  • BEastboy

    2nd booyah

  • HD

    Sounds like everything else out there! Am I first?!

  • BEastboy

    3rd booyah

  • resurrected

    If she is it is because people intellectual values and gone down tremendously…

  • HD

    Not a fan!

  • Silent Swagg

    Song sounds good..didn’t know Jason would make a song like that lol

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    Is there a reason y ol boys face looks like he’s about to audition for the part of Casper the friendly ghost??


    didnt feel her at first but her and trina got diffent flows so i hop on the line to so come to the detroit on the eastside 7mile mile fam.FREE J.NUTTIE ROCKBOTTOM

  • lisa

    This Is Okay, She Messed It Up !!! Smh

  • UpRiSiNg

    wash them dishes and give me grits? really?? i love nicki but she used to be able to have nice flow. i mean she still has a great play on word but…

  • B3 Fearless

    @Miss u much MJJ

    Yes this is the stuff they play on radio now. I strictly listen to the so called oldie stations now that plays music from 70s to now because the mainstream stations as well as the R&B/Hip Hop stations don’t even try to balance the crap with the substance anymore like they used to.

    I said it in another post I was done listening to the R&B station around my way when I turned on the radio and heard Gucci Mane singing about how all his stuff looks like lemons.

    But there is good Hip Hop and R&B out there, they just don’t get the recognition that they should. Now a days you have to search for the quality music you want because if you’re counting on mainstream to give it to you, it’s not going to happen. You can’t even count on your local radio stations anymore.

  • Miss u much MJJ

    @B3 Fearless
    I feel you girl! You do have to search for good RnB.
    I listen to aol or yahoo radio so I can choose what I want to hear.
    This JUNK is ridiculous. In the last decade there was really good music. What happened?

  • cameronlee517

    i think shes pretty

  • hmm

    Get it how you live. If thats what pays her bills, who are you to jugde. You dont have to listen to her music so why are you complaining. Blah blah blah . R&b is dead . Hip hop is dead . You so concerned about it and no one has talent why dont you guys give it a try . Im sure yall are as talented as you say she is . So go head, im sure you can get a record deal too

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