Violence Rears Its Ugly Head

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Correctional Officer Ross was trying to do good deeds when some butthole decides to bust some shots:

Gunshots broke out on Wednesday during the second annual Rick Ross Be Out Day charity event for children in Miami Gardens, Florida. When Ross took the stage, shots rang out across the street from the fundraiser, which was sponsored by the Florida rapper to raise money for back-to-school supplies for local children.

“The shots happened near the event … across the street, but it was close enough that it seemed as if it happened in the park [where the show was taking place],” said Elora Mason, a publicist for Rick Ross Charities Inc., the event sponsor. “It’s not clear what brought it on, but police said the person shooting appeared to be shooting in the air.”

Mason said the shooting occurred at around 4:30 p.m., shortly before the event was to wrap up and just as Ross took the stage along with the city’s mayor and a state representative. For the safety of the officials and Ross, police cleared the stage.

“But Ross didn’t want to leave his fans like that, because some people had been there even before the event started,” Mason said. “So he returned to the stage for a brief performance, and then he went out into the audience to shake hands and sign autographs.”

Kudos to Rick Ross for doing good deeds; hopefully he really means it and is not just doing it for some positive publicity after his C.O. fiasco.



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