Baby Mama Drama: Biggie’s First Baby Mother Finally Speaks After 13 Years

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Biggie’s first baby mother Jan Jackson spoke to a Chicago radio station last week and dished on her being dumbed down in the NOTORIOUS movie.

Check the video on the flip.

Jan was throwing a lot of shade towards both Diddy and Lil Kim. Good to hear she has a strong head on her shoulders.


  • anya789

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  • TRUTH IS....

    she prolly is dumb as hell!

  • nikki

    she only dissing lil’kim because she’s good frens with Faith

  • Kimmie - Southern Belle

    all of his women are the same grade, even faith. sit down.

  • DollFace

    since when are lil kim and faith evans friends?

  • Tee01

    After 13 years why speak now? And who cares…Faith split the estate with his mom, both of their children are being take care of, why can’t Biggie and Pac just rest in peace instead of people continously trying to make money and bring attention to themselves….let’s move on people it’s 2010.

  • ohnooooo

    Biggie only dated LIGHTSKINNED chicks after he got on, he quit messin with her when he got REAL paper

  • jumsmum

    She actually sounds like she’s a good mother.

  • philly11

    Faith was wifey so I think she is the only one with any rights concerning B.I.G. Kim was a hoe and Jan is a BM.

  • Tequila Is The New Kool Aid

    Ohnooooo…yet when a dark skin sister starts dating only white guys, then she is in the wrong? SMH

  • Megafly

    I really appreciated listening to jan. She sounded very mature and down to earth. We will always love Biggie.

  • DarthH8ter

    she sounds like she has some sense. Good luck to her.

  • Interlude

    I am glad that her and Faith are getting along. And I hope they keep it right and keep it tight. I like that that’s cool.

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  • Chelly

    I, for one, am interested in hearing Jan’s side of the story!! I’m glad Faith & Jan are cool, that way Biggie’s kids can have a great relationship with each otha! Very mature!

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