Calling All Hoes: Chad OchoCinco And His Snuggie Lookin’ For Lovin’ Via VH1

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As if we didn’t already have enough reality foolishness on television right now, Chad Ochocinco Johnson will be starring in his very own new reality show called “The Tournament.” Similar to “Flavor of Love” and “For the Love of Ray J”, 85 women will compete and act a goddamn fool to get this guy to date them.

More details on the flip…

On Thursday, VH1 announced that the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, who this week is in Los Angeles training for ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, will star in a reality dating show this summer. “The Tournament” will start with Ochocinco finding 85 women interested in dating him. Then, during the first of 10 episodes, Ochocinco will narrow the playing field down to 16 — four from each region of the country. That’s when the real competition begins.

“Ochocinco is one of the most electrifying individuals in sports today. His bigger-than-life personality on- and off-the-field and his notorious skills as a social networker, connecting daily with his fans, makes him a perfect fit for VH1,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of VH1, in a statement. “This show will not only give viewers a look inside his professional life, but also reveal his softer more romantic side when playing a very different kind of game.”

Damn, we’re interested to see what type of broads this show will bring out of the woodwork! Especially with this Ochcinco character, this show will most definitely be entertaining. Peep what Chaddy-poo had to say about being “lonely” HERE…

Chad and his “DWTS” partner Cheryl Burke getting lunch in Miami:



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  • Ms.Caribbean

    LOL!!!! @ JumpoFF

  • Ms.Caribbean

    Any man who wears a snuggie in public is automatically ineligiable.


    lololol @ jumpoff!!!

  • NUVO



    illnever understand the snuggie, a blanket doesnt need sleeves

  • white male

    “will also reveal his softer more romantic side”

    i’m sure this 85 person dating contest will be very romantic

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    Real Black.. ha Ha ha !! thats is too funny!!

  • real black is chocolate

    interesting why this stupid dumb azz wack azz show should be doing dark-skinned nikka?

    or it’s just other mixed propagation by white/jew man?

    mixed/light-skinned is devils sh’t

  • It's Me

    Will be funny, we all will tune in as they are going to market this show 85 million times before it airs…

  • chocalatetunda01

    wow. not another reality show looking for love. this is so old. we have seen all the ways you can find love now. please come with something new

  • Romy

    The suspect wizard of Narnia. Stick to catching balls.

  • Roderick

    Dude looks like a black druid in that outfit.

  • MsAnoymonous(THE WISE ONE)

    dude is lookn like a monk in that snuggie get up and his name is what? Ochocinco??? wdf? i cant even pronounce that sh*t…smh.

  • real black is chocolate

    Chad pls my nikka dont do it!!

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