Snoop Dogg Loves To Light Up… Rapper Catches The Blues After Getting Shut Down For Smoking

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Rumor has it that Snoop Dogg has a hard time when his head isn’t in the clouds — of smoke. Sources say the rapper became depressed recently after he got shut down at NY hotspot M2 for smoking. Check the details on the flip.

As Snoop chilled in VIP smoking a “cigarette,” club owner Joey Morrissey rushed over to tell him to put it out. Snoop responded that it was just a cigarette, but was still ordered to put it out. Onlookers say that Snoop followed orders, but remained rather subdued until he left. Sources say he normally would have rapped or got on the mic but instead he just remained quiet and to himself as if he was depressed.

Damn… Is it that serious Snoop?

Smokers out there — is ciga-weed something you absolutely NEED to keep you relaxed and lifted? Or can you mellow out without the extra push?


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