*BOSSIP Exclusive* No More Hiding For ‘Licia And Swizzy … And Mashonda Says Those Two Were Meant For Each Other!

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Since Angelina Keys and Brad Beatz decided put their love on parade, BOSSIP received a tip from an insider saying that Swizzy’s divorce from Mashonda is final, and has been for some time. But that’s not what Mashonda says. Pop the hood for details.

While Swizz has been hesitant to give a definitive answer on the divorce, BOSSIP was able to reach Mashonda, who says she and Mr. Infidelity are still legally wed:

Unfortunately, my divorce is not final, the paperwork hasn’t been signed by the judge, and so therefore, we are still legally married,” Mashonda told BOSSIP exclusively. “Not that I’m proud of that, (this process has been hell on earth) but divorces take time.

As for Swizz’s recently released interview with DJ Enuff, where the producer claims he was unhappy with his wife for years Mashonda had this to say to BOSSIP:

“Our marriage and our family was never respected, nor has been a concern to the parties involved. Both of them have been extremely determine to disregard the fact that I am a human being with feelings, a mother, and the woman whom was there when this man was sick, down, and without money or fame. Amazing how people forget!”

“I recently saw a video of his, his words completely took me by surprise. It was an awful demonstration of lies and tales. All in the name of “saving face… I believe the two of them are meant for each other. Only a certain type of woman would sleep with a married man, and only a certain type of man would abandon his family for another woman. I guess they are “equals.” Those were his words on that video.

WOW… But really now — who wouldn’t feel some kind of way after the way Swizz talked about her to Enuff? And she’s right. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred institution. It’s pretty crazy to plan a wedding to your mistress before your divorce with your wife is even finalized.

While Mashonda still seems hurt by the affair and Alicia and Swizz’s complete disregard for her feelings, she seems to be dealing with the divorce very maturely. She ended her conversation with BOSSIP with this:

“The past 12 years of my life with this man has been a complete learning experience and I’m proud to say that I am a better woman today, because of it…Fortunately, I’m able to walk away with a prize or two. My self esteem and my son. My focus is my son, coupled with figuring out a way to make this all make sense to him at the end of the day, so that he can be a great man.”

“I seriously hope people can learn a thing or two from all of this. Its a disease to family growth and human behavior.”

Mashonda also included a few photos from her pregnancy “so you can get an idea of how happy we were, since he claims unhappiness for the past 10 years…”

You have to admit — wrong is wrong — violating a marriage is a big no no. Swizz Beatz is worse than Brad Pitt from where we are sitting. At least Brad never publicly bashed Jennifer Aniston and waited until his divorce was final before moving in with Angelina.


  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    heard both sides and still don’t know what to think (that’s between them) but it kind of seems like mashonda might be the one coming out of this looking good and probably having the last laugh…

  • d303

    she should have just kept her mouf shut. ahe does not need to feed the spin machine. be the better woman by shutting you mouth and move on. hed did. She is not new to this and knew whom she married and the industry they were in. nuff said.

  • I like hittin men AND women in the back

    I honestly believe that bytch Mashonda is bored, obsessed and depressed, does she have to respond to everything he does or what people say?….DAMN…MASHONDA, S T F U…I’M SICK OF U….. MOVE ON…. SWIZZY DID….

  • Matix B

    She is in bad taste for showing the prego pic. Get over it! You guys are divorcing…anyway guys lie and so do wonem so ce la vie!

  • me

    both ladies are caliente.
    On a more serious note:
    what someone does for you that person will do to you.A keys better brace herself and put a leash on that nikka.Hope that couchy is a leash…

  • http://bossip.com its me

    Wow, what a courageous woman, I couldnt have said it better myself. Everything she said was so right. Marriage is means nothing now-a-day, but message to Swiss and A. Keyes

  • nic

    why is she still talking? just shut up and move on.

  • .....GTFOH

    Who the hell cares Mashonda? Move on with your damn life. You should have gotten to know who he was. The type of woman that “doesn’t research a man and gets knocked up” deserves to be left.

  • just stopping through


  • http://bossip.com its me

    And Im glad she not keepin her mouth shut, she is motivation to stay right for other people getting divorced for another person. Too many celebes keep their mouth shut about stuff, when they need to be defending themselves. Her son is gonna be hearing all about this when he gets older

  • PraDaMaMa


  • Tygire

    Mashonda, I have a violin you can carry as you continue to tell your story. Please move on, no one cares.

  • I like hittin men AND women in the back

    @ that damn sh#$ disturber
    3/17/10, 11:27:am

    heard both sides and still don’t know what to think (that’s between them) but it kind of seems like mashonda might be the one coming out of this looking good and probably having the last laugh…


  • Sly

    I agree with Mashonda’s point about them being “equals”. However, whats done is done, and its time for her to stop looking at pics of how happy they were. In order for the child to have a healthy perspective, she has to heal and forgive, otherwise the child will be affected by her bitterness more than his dad’s actions. Its hard, but somebody has to be selfless and she’ll be rewarded in the end.

  • my_opinions_need_no_cosighning

    If he was soo unhappy in the marriage he should have LEFT but instead he cheated on his wife(smh) he’s a greedy coward not wanting to leave before he found another warm body to lay up with and even if A.keyes didnt respect his wife she should have respected herself enough not to want someones half of a husband, she walking around with an engagement ring..lol gimme a break he cant commit to you he’s STILL MARRIED, i guess money doesnt buy common sense or self respect.

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