*BOSSIP Exclusive* Are Reggie And Kim Over??? Friends Say This Time It’s For Good!!!

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Despite their recent vacay, it looks like Kim Kardashian’s extra thirsty attention whore behavior has cost her relationship with Reggie. Pop the hood for details.

It looks like all that tabloid talk of Kim and Reggie having relationship trouble is true. Sources tell BOSSIP exclusively that the two have split up. Last week Reggie confirmed the breakup with friends, saying that while he really cares about Kim, all the negative media attention he got following the Super Bowl thanks to her pushiness sent him over the edge. His Super Bowl win was such an important time in his life, but Kim made it all about her. Our source says they’re not sure if Reggie will try to work it out but they are definitely not together right now.

Meanwhile, another source close to both the NFL player and Attention Whoring Kardashians wouldn’t confirm whether the breakup was a result of a Superbowl fallout, but tells BOSSIP that this time the breakup is permanent.

Do you believe them? If Kimmy Kakes really is back on the market, which black athlete will Little Miss Attention Whore take up with next??? We hear OchoCinco is lookin pa nub Kimmers…

In the meantime, Reggie has been guesting on Sesame Street and Kim has been keeping busy staging dinners for the paparazzi in Miami and adding to her growing empire. Check out photos from her latest calendar shoot below.



    1 sttt but who cares about them ?

  • Kevin



  • k.nic

    1. Who cares?!
    2. So if it is true will we still have 50 million Kim posts a day?

  • Man, I just don't care™


    Come here and let me console you! Poor thing. That black azz monkey didn’t deserve you…

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    Obviously they are in 2 different places in their lives. One is about making a difference and the other aint about sh!!t.

  • anna

    if it is is a good thing

  • pink[POISON]


  • Shawn of the Living

    Good. NeXT!!!!!!!

  • Diane

    Whatever. How is Kim any worse than Reggie? My opinion of course, but I never believed he would ever be faithful to her – no matter how many times they breakup and get back together. Is she supposed to just not try to take advantage of her 15+ minutes of fame and just let him take care of her? Tired of hearing about them at this point.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Yeah,yeah,yeah lol
    How many times have they broken up to get right back together now? exactly!Besides whether they are still together or not? How’s it benefiting me?
    I like these 2 as a couple though.

  • Richard

    She really made her self look bad in the interveiw. All she had to do was shut up but if you have seen a minute of their show you would know she got it honest. her mother can’t shut up either.

  • Yuh dun Know.....


    Them breaking up has ended world war and world peace has begun. *insert sarcasm*


  • mz.cee ♥

    This aint even true!
    Ya’ll know Reggie “Panty Man” Bush, worships Kim all the way, she’ll prolly say jump and he’ll ask how high. In true house nukka manner – yes m’aam!

  • matureqe

    Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at an age gap dating site- A_ge_m_in_gle @ c/o/m a nice and free place for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to- interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends.

  • Melissa


    Good because I am sick of her…..

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